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    Took the F75 out for a spin

    Dug the afternoon away with my recently acquired F75 while trying to learn its language. I am liking this machine. No gold but I had an incredible amount of fun. I was using the 10” elliptical concentric and mostly just dug anything that sounded good. disc @ 15 sens @ 50 F2... I really like...
  2. T

    Anfibio and it’s nuances

    Two tone has become my favourite search mode for most all detecting styles with this machine. It has very nice modulation where I can hear target depth as long as the sensitivity isn’t cranked way up and the analog circuitry that I thought was a long gone thing of the past for vlf machines...
  3. T

    Is Hot ground and a little more in-ground coverage the only reason to use a widescan?

    I have never been able to figure out what all the fuss is with the widescan coils. To me, the ability to more cleanly discriminate iron and still get a fairly crisp & clean signal on non-ferrous by far out weights any pros the widescan coils can offer..... I suppose on the bigger coils a...
  4. T

    Jumpy/ steady ID on infibido?

    I've been thinking about getting back into the hobby and the Infibio has caught my attention. Ive done a bunch of reading and youtubing on it and one question I still have is; Is the display accurate? Is it jumpy or can it usually settle within a few #'s and stay there with some tight coil...
  5. T

    Cortes and 10x12 concentric are a match.

    I took the new to me 10x12 out for a run today, wow, I wasn't expecting the nice surprise. This coil on the Cortes HATES loves clad.....Canadian clad and I did dig the iffy washer signals. I'd say it's about an inch and a half deeper than the stock 9x8. I had it out at a site...
  6. T

    Preset groundbalance, is it that big a deal?

    I don't see what the big deal is. My first machine was a silver umax and it struggled in a couple spots where either the sand was wet or the dirt was red and mineralized, other than that it always worked great. When I got the vaquero, I thought all my problems would be solved only to find that...
  7. T

    Got out to the old school again

    Made it out to the old school with the Cortes again, last time I was there I spent 4 hours and no keepers except a few old pennies. Spent about 2 hours, Thought I would slow it down a bit and work the area (3acres) a little harder, dig some iffy signals and listen for deeper targets. Dug a small...
  8. T

    6hr clad hunt and personal best with the Cortes

    First off, this post isn't to put down or belittle anyone. It is about Canadian clad and how ridiculously hard it is to identify and cherrypick. My main focus in metal detecting for the last few years has been to cherrypick clad. I started cherry picking clad with the Vaquero and did pretty...
  9. T

    Took the Mirage PI to the lake

    I've had the mirage PI (land version) for about 2 months now, I've played around with it on the yard and taken it for a few short hunts. Today was the first time I took it out for what I would call close to a real hunt. I took it to the lake for 4hrs and waded in ankle to knee deep and...
  10. T

    Picked up another 1265x

    Never should have sold the first one.:cry: Anyways, the one I got is in ok shape, performs well. Managed to score a 5x10 coil for it, funny they never really caught on. really like it, also like that it is a concentric coil. Discriminates just like the 8". The 1200 series detectors are some of...
  11. T

    One room school house hunt!

    I have been hitting up local one room school houses the past week, the first three were a total bust (at least so far), the fourth one was everything I had hoped for! I got my chance to detect what I assume is a virgin site. This is 5 hrs detecting time on a baseball field on Tuesday,1920's -...
  12. T

    Impressed with the Cortes!

    Managed to get out a few times this week with the Cortes, I am very impressed with this machine! Sensitive and as deep as I want to dig. Today I got the silver quarter, tombac nickel and penny in one hole. I have wanted to find one of those tombac nickels for a while and today was the day! Only...
  13. T

    Tell me about the cortes

    I sold off all my detectors the last couple years, except the 7" compadre. Can't bear to part with that one. Went through the motions of researching other detectors, but in the end I came back to tesoro. I Bought a cortes with the 3x18 and 5.75" concentric. Just waiting for it to come in the...
  14. T

    Can someone please explain Reverse Discrimination.

    I have never read anywhere about how to actually discriminate backwards. But I keep reading about it, especially when I read older threads. Is it just a matter of having disc 1 set a little higher than disc 2? Or is there more to it. Also what is the real advantage to reverse discrimination?
  15. T

    outlaw audio question.

    Thanks to everyone that replied to my last question. Now I have just one more. I finally got a chance to watch the videos on the outlaw and the audio was nothing like what I thought it would sound like. I was expecting more of a high pitch silver umax or even like the golden sabre ll. The...
  16. T

    Question for outlaw owners. please

    I have been interested in the Outlaw since it came out. I have owned a few tesoro's including the silver and the vaquero. I sold the silver because I envyed the vaquero for it's 14khz, the threshold-based All-metal and it's reputation as a no nonsense deep seeking machine. The main reason I let...
  17. T

    Good Ol'e Canadian clad hunt :canadaflag:

    Got out this afternoon with the Vaquero for a 4 hr clad hunt, I hit up a couple grassy areas and a nice sandy play area that always produces fairly decent if I leave it alone for a while. In the sand I go strait vco and dig up anything that gives a round coin signal, too many good targets missed...
  18. T

    About the Vaquero and Tejon........

    So, after seeing a video about a new detector in some red hot dirt I have to ask you guys how the V performs in this dirt. I don't hunt really bad ground here, so I don't know just how badly this effects depth. Normally I don't talk #'s about the depth I get, but now I will. In the video it...
  19. T

    Why run the disc below foil?

    Or below the 11 O'clock mark? I don't get it. Why would I put myself through and all day foil and trash dig so that I could hopefully find a piece of gold jewelery at the end of the day? Where as I can regularly go out, cherry pick $10 -$30 clad while finding silver and not dig a bottlecap or...
  20. T

    Coins on edge?

    I just tried everything I could think of to get my Vaquero to detect a coin on edge and it just won't do it. Did I miss something? By waving the quarter past the coil it works ok. but standing a coin on edge and waving the coil over it like I would in real world conditions, it barely gives a...