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Search results

  1. Goldstrike

    R.N.F. (rings not found)lol!

    Well, after being at the beach for a week, I struck out unfortunately. There was a time when a guy could find a couple of rings per day but times have changed and you would be lucky to find one or two a week now. No problem though because we all need to adapt to situations and you just have to...
  2. Goldstrike

    Moniker change

    I'm just getting used to the new Forum format and wanted to know how you can change your moniker i.e. I have a green square with a big G in it. I want to insert a pic.
  3. Goldstrike

    Checking In!

    I occasionally check the posts here and on the todays finds forum to see what I've been missing. Being we are still in January, it looks like most of us are waiting until the weather get's a little warmer! I still have the passion to detect but it's kind of a challenge when the weather continues...
  4. Goldstrike

    Beach Finds!

    Just some Tungsten and 925 off the beach! San Elijo, Southern California last month.
  5. Goldstrike

    San Elijo South Carlsbad Beach Detecting.

    I'll be making another trip to San Elijo and South Carlsbad (North of San Diego) for a week long beach detecting experience again! Have any of you detected those beaches recently and have you found anything good? Have they re-nourished any of those beaches lately? Anyway, even if no one has...
  6. Goldstrike

    Fun on the beach!

    I got to detect a stretch of beach last week and the best of the finds was this piece of silver jewelry. Disappointing but it was totally enjoyable to be out there and enjoy the beach experience even though gold was not to be found. There will always be a next time though!!! P.s. there were lots...
  7. Goldstrike

    So much beach, so little time!

    I spent my small window of time on the beach (Huntington Beach SoCal) the other day and although these coins are nothing to show or talk about, they represent to me, 3 hours of detecting 'heaven'. I moved from Southern California (after 40 years living there) to Utah last year. My new home is...
  8. Goldstrike

    Ready for long detecting trips.

    The RNB 3100 mAh battery has worked incredibly well in my Safari and in anticipation for the Spring and Summer months, I just bought a 3400 mAh battery so I can detect more hours without having to think about loss of battery power!! I would never go back to AA's again. I took a quick visit to...
  9. Goldstrike

    Safari li-Ion battery change question.

    Hi all...…….I have an RnB 3100 mAh li-ion battery in my Safari which has worked awesomely well for a long time now. I don't know much about things electrical so I have a question. RnB have come out with a 3400 mAh battery and I'm wondering if it will have any impact on the detector electronic...
  10. Goldstrike

    Spanish Trail in Southern Utah.

    Has anyone had any luck metal detecting along the old Spanish Trail in Southern Utah? What are some of the relics/coins/gold and silver bars LOL!!! have you found? Not asking for your high yielding secret spots but just asking for general information for future plans. I'm not sure how...
  11. Goldstrike

    Cabin Fever...random observations!

    Still out of action with my broken foot and suffering from cabin fever real bad!!!! but actively scanning the forums to see what's being found out there!!! My stitches come out today so I'm happy about that, but still frustrated that I have to wear the big boot for awhile. I'm looking at all the...
  12. Goldstrike

    Just checking in! broken foot.

    Hi everyone! I've been off the radar for quite some time because of selling my California home this year and relocating to my Southern Utah property and having a new house being built here. My main reason for being off the radar recently since the move is because I lost hold of an auto transport...
  13. Goldstrike

    Maybe selling my Safari.

    I've had my Safari for a long time now and even though it works perfectly fine with no issues, I'd like to buy a brand new one. It's paid for itself over and over again and I have a lot of sweet memories tied up in this machine....but just like a car, you sell it when it's working well and not...
  14. Goldstrike

    Places to detect?

    Things are definitely quiet as far as people reporting their finds IF they are finding anything!!! I, along with a friend did strike gold recently with numerous coins and 2 gold rings at a 'permission to dig' home site but since we cleaned that place out, it sure is quiet again. Winter months...
  15. Goldstrike

    1836 Love Token...Bath House Token!

    I mentioned in a post a few days ago (2 gold rings) that my friend and I had permission to detect an old home and grounds dating from early Victorian times. These tokens are just a few of the interesting items we found in the last few day's. We found a disused root cellar and found 2 little...
  16. Goldstrike

    First Gold of 2018!

    My buddy and I had an awesome 2 days detecting on a permission on and about an old house in an older part of a local town. We found a number of silver coins and some really interesting tokens and I detected these 2 gold rings. The skinny ring is a 14K, and the bigger ring is a 10K! The great...
  17. Goldstrike

    Wheat Pennies.

    What do you do with the wheat pennies you find? I contacted a guy the other day (over the internet) and he said he was giving 2 cents each for them and of course more $$'s for key dates. It would take a whole lot of wheat pennies to bring in some real money but we have a choice to either put...
  18. Goldstrike

    Broken coil ears/lugs repair

    I picked up an electrical (high impact?) plastic junction box from Home Depot for about $3 bucks. I ground and cut it down to the shape in the pic's. Nylon 'wing' bolts/screws, nut's and washers, again from Home Depot. 2 part epoxy (Home Depot)!! Drilled through the plastic box and coil, epoxy...
  19. Goldstrike

    The Ying and the Yang of metal detecting!

    I detected this 925 ring today in a local park. It was down about 5+ inches and I think it's an older ring because of some slight pitting. I think you would agree with me that there is a definate 'Ying' and 'Yang' or positive and negative depending on if your finding stuff or not, to this hobby...
  20. Goldstrike

    Adventure awaits! A cool affirmation for 2018!

    I didn't get anything of great value today but along with a handful of clad and a 1952 wheat penny, I smiled when I read the "Adventure Awaits" on the wrist band. I'll take this positive affirmation/omen for this new year and look forward to the adventure awaiting!....or maybe it's begun...