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Search results

  1. J

    Prayer request.....

    Steve I Pray God brings You and Your Family Peace and Comfort during this time of need.. joe
  2. J

    Warranty center

    I think the service/Repair center is called North Georgia Detectors....You can do a search on it.. Theres also a North Georgia Relics located close to same area.. And has no ties to the Nokta brand anymore that I am aware of.. HH joe
  3. J

    CZ coil wire question

    Thanks tvr for the info..couldnt remember reading anything in the past on helping unwind a CZ coil..slowly unwinding over next couple weeks is probably best..stay safe. joe
  4. J

    CZ coil wire question

    Hey Guys Anyone have a quick solution to unwinding a coil wire so I can chest stays wrapped around a pole for a long period. It doesnt want to straighten out...and can cause damage if not carful...thanks joe
  5. J

    My son digs his first CW bullet-video

    Nice! Making memories is what its all about👍
  6. J

    Running the Vista X Discrimination at the Pre-Set

    Oops my bad Richard..nice digs.. Stay safe..
  7. J

    Running the Vista X Discrimination at the Pre-Set

    Nice Digs Jim! The Vista X is impressive detector.. Anyone thats enjoys a single tone detector would really like the 2 tone Vista X. Not sure what coil setup You were using but the mid size 8x6 coil is great around those old home sites..stay safe. joe
  8. J

    Finds from a Civil War era home site. I need help verifying what a couple of items are as well.

    Great finds..Bet loosing that silver piece hurt! hh. joe
  9. J

    Looking to get a Nox..

    Greatly Appreciate all the info Guys. hh. joe
  10. J

    Looking for coil info on Anfibio

    Any of You Guys using a 5 x 10 coil factory or NEL type.. On the Anfib multi hunting old home sites/relic hunting.. Likes and dislikes ( depth,seperation etc.) would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance...joe
  11. J

    is this Robert E Lee?

    Looks like letters SS in lower right bottom...great find..
  12. J

    Looking to get a Nox..

    Hey Guys Been using detectors since the 80' sure this has been discussed here on the forum. Looking to get my first Minelab.. Considering the Nox 600 or 800 will only be relic hunting and perhaps beach hunting couple times.a year... Trying a friends 800 ..the flutie sounds will take some...
  13. J

    Vista X ordered thru Backwoods metal detectors.

    Richards good people.. Like to here Your thoughts on the X once You've had a chance to hunt with it..hh. joe
  14. J

    Reducing Gain vs. Reducing Threshold

    Hello Ken My GB is usually 1 - 3 o'clock at most of my sites...joe
  15. J

    Anfibio Multi with 7" coil

    I had both the 7" concentric and the small football coil.. The football coil has always outperformed the 7" concentric on my sites..joe
  16. J

    Reducing Gain vs. Reducing Threshold

    Hello Ken For me and my dirt + EMI I adjust the gain (usually lower) more so than the threshold..hh joe
  17. J

    My X arrived on Friday.

    I was looking forward to hearing Your report on the X ..hopfully wont be long.. Stay safe.