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Search results

  1. michael NY

    I fianally figured out what this item is

    Hard to believe but its a WW1 Honerable Victory Lapal pin. I knew its special being made of silver. Just not really sure what it was Exactley. I found the information today by chance.The pin has been put away forgotten about for a some time. looking at it today go me curious and I was able to...
  2. michael NY

    Buckle dug

    I got out today before it gets disgusting heat and It paid off!! First decent signal was the buckle it looks colonial to me I'm trying to put a date to it. Next was solid NICKEL out pops a crusty 1941! along with some clad was a wheat cent. Thanks for looking, HH michael
  3. michael NY

    Its not silver but...

    Went back to this park ive done well in the past and today was success. First solid tone was a Wheat Cent. Working around an old tree out pops a half its holled from 1985 this is a first. Later on I dug what I thought to be a V Nickel no luck its a game token on reverse No Cash Value. a total...
  4. michael NY

    Yes lighting does strike twice .

    After digging a Walker short Time ago thenToday. I went back to this camp that I detected years ago the cabins are all flattened burned. only detected a small portion of it and poped out some clad then a wheat cent and fianally rewarded with the Walking Liberty Half. thanks for looking HH Michael
  5. michael NY


    I went to a place ive detected before and this time I cleand up some of the stuff that was missed and other people missed to!! If you dont love your Etrac something is wrong lol. First few finds were glad and then a suprise to me close to the old bathouse came the Quarter there was a nail same...
  6. michael NY

    Back at the picnic grover early today

    No rain thank goodness weather is perfect ground is primed for detecting. Digging a few wheaties a stainless steel spoon. three clad pennies. bunch of screw caps. But this really made the day a Walking Liberty Half Dollar. I called out to my brother even before I look for a date telling him...
  7. michael NY

    yesterdays digs.

    I went back to the picnic grove with my brother of course the weather was horrible raining humid. Two Quarters same hole and the Rosie was very close. but of all things to dig was a musketball its colonial but the area is remote from anything. the Wheaties were dug same spot to. My brothet dug...
  8. michael NY

    Item finally ID'd

    Not to long ago I dug this Item it was covered with rust and I really had no idea what it is. After cleaning it up and clear coated it fianally was able to ID it. Its a Colonial Blackamiths hot cut off hammer. thanks for looking HH Michael
  9. michael NY

    watch share this video with as many people as you can
  10. michael NY

    cut me loose with the Coinstrike and this is what happens.

    Early today I went to a school not far from me. years ago I pulled an early colonial copper from woods behind it. Today I found bunch of clad in woods. decided to work feild closer to school small area and out pops a musket ball..kept digging the Mickey Mouse pin and last was this spoon marked...
  11. michael NY

    Todays Finds

    I decide to take the F70 out and it impressed me still again. I love the weight it is so light! Todays finds are a Sterling Silver Religous metal and a 1914 wheatie, bunch of clad 2 NICKLES with this machine surprised! thanks for looking HH Michael
  12. michael NY

    finds again park

    this park ive hammered for many years and today this is what I dug a 1917 Buffalo and 1919 Wheat Cent some clad.
  13. michael NY

    I recentely picked up an F70

    I like the machine how light easy to swing , now for a tough test to a place ive hunted many years lots of machines..well suprised me I was able to dig a colonial musket Ball its split half only found one same type at the same park years ago. so as a fun go to machine I like the 70, I,watched...
  14. michael NY

    A good way to round out the year for me.

    I dug the first coin and its a 1846 Large Cent, the ground is wet and,I dint not expect to,find one.8. Not much trash and,next out came the Mercury Dime 1939 from a place I have hunted before. Last is early wheatie and some clad cents. Warm out cant complain for this time of the year 50...
  15. michael NY

    I found this on top of the ground at an old home sight.

    I would like more informatiom if anyone has any idea to how old it might be I would be greatfull for. thanks im advance Michael
  16. michael NY

    An unexpected 14k Gold suprise

    Sundays hunt I dug a colonial fork but it jumped out of my pouch and was lost. I had no clue the pen was gold, thought it was just a junker pen where I was is isolated. Today I was looking in my pouch. Unscrewed the pen saw the 14k stamp way!!!!!.. Well the pictures are a before and...
  17. michael NY

    Sundays hunt

    I have been busy but this is from sundays hunt. My first target was colonial fork the darn thing found its way out of my pouch lost it. Not long after came the button, it has some age to it no backmarks.HH Michael
  18. michael NY

    Dug one of my favorite coins yesterday

    I decided to detect a small hill in past ive dug droped musketballs there its small very overgrown and steep. My first dig was the colonial musketball its been fired hit something. Next solid one is the V Nickle 1905 is the date. Thanks for looking HH Michael
  19. michael NY

    Any ideas what this might be?

    Hello I dug this and I thought it might be perfume it does have some flower design on it. Looks at one time it was attached to a chain or something. Any ideas? Thank you Michael
  20. michael NY

    Back at the celler hole

    Yesterday I hiked up to the Colonial celler hole in the middle of woods this sight has given up some relics and gave up a few more. My first dig was the pewter spoon bowl and then an iron chain no picture yet needs to be worked on a bit. Next was the horse shoes this one is cleaned preped the...