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Search results

  1. J

    depth test of the apex

    Just wondering why there or no depth test, air or test garden videos. the apex has been out for about six weeks You would think there would be.
  2. J

    taking apart an out of warrenty zlink transmitter

    I bought a pair of used zlink headphones that's out of warrenty. the little transmitter unit is defected. when I plug in the usb charger cable the charge light goes on an off as I move the cable. in others words it has a bad connection inside the unit. my question is has anyone ever taking apart...
  3. J

    mx7 depth

    mx7 users what kind of depth do you get?
  4. J

    six shooter or 7 inch dd coil for mx sport

    is there anyone who can compare the two coils for depth an how each performs in trashy areas?
  5. J

    mxsport an mx7 in fairly trashey areas

    anybody use their sport or mx7 where theres a lot of trash ,and whats your take on how it did?
  6. J


    Just wondering why no one has commented on the mx7. ive looked on 14 pages of this fourm, and I didn't see any .could it be that no one owns one?
  7. J

    eight hours on my used mxsport.

    my take on my mxsport.i got the one [ used] with the waterproof headphones .I have been swinging a dfx for eighteen years I like the sport other than its heavy .but I can handle that .the waterproof headphones, pardon my expression, well their not very good . I believe the new price on them or...
  8. J

    making a detector swingy like thang

    has anyone made a swingey thang.that didn't cost much to build? if so I would like the plains.
  9. J

    how can i make a swingy thing?

    has anyone made a swingey thang.that didn't cost much to build?
  10. J

    mxsport in fresh water hunting

    just wondering how the mxsport does in fresh water,as for as how the coil swings through the water,and so forth.and when you have the detector completely under water is it hard to swing?
  11. J

    simplex freq.change numbers

    while watching a video made by siren kimmie of girls rock detecting,while she is going over the settings,when she came to the freq change she had one through five on her simplex.other videos ive watched only has 1 2 new simplex also only has 1 2 3.freq changes.anybody anyone know why she...
  12. J

    just bought a new simplex

    just bought a new simplex.there was no charger with it.guess they forgot to put one in the bag.question no. 1.i have a charger for my kruzer. is it ok to use it to charge my simplex,even though the mah rating is higher then the one for the simplex.question no.2i have the blue wireless phones...
  13. J

    noise when I slang my kruzer back and forth

    my kruzer squicks like a old barn door.sounds like its coming from around and under the control box.anybody else had this problem,an have you've been able to fix it?everything is tight as I can get it.
  14. J

    waterproof headpnones simplex and kruzer

  15. J

    how can i contact makro?

    I need to contact makro,email or phone no.can anyone help?
  16. J

    water hunting with the simplex

    thanking about a simplex to go a long with my tiger shark,for fresh water hunting.any coments about this?
  17. J

    counter weight on a mx sport

    ive used a dfx off and on for 17 weights 4 pounds.but the balance is good,im interested in a mx sport.but ive only picked up one at a treasure show,played with it for 15 minutes.and it felt like it weighed five and a half pounds,even thought it weights 4.2 pounds. my question,has anyone...
  18. J

    info.on what i found out about my pinpointer

    I have a garrett carrot,that is unstable the first two hours I use it.after it warms up it gets more stable.ive had two of the propointers, and they did the same thang.ive found if you turn it on about two hours before you use it,they will be more stable when you go out and use it. also ive...
  19. J

    how i fixed the touch pad on my multi kryzer

    The pads or rubber like stick on's I bought at dollar general.I put my dust cover on the detector then cut and fitted them on the dust cover,over the for me.i did the best I could on the picture.had to use my laptop camera.
  20. J

    small coil for multi kruzer

    just got a multi kruzer,thanking about getting a small coil,to use at old house places,and places with more trash.eather the 7 inch conc.or 7.5/4.5 dd.any input would be welcome.