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Search results

  1. Sanderling

    Florida beaches - which ones are open

    In my area Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach are open, but vehicle ramps are closed. Not a lot of people on the beach so parking off beach may not be an issue. St. Augustine Beach is open, but like Daytona and New Smyrna, the vehicle ramps are closed as are public parking lots so parking...
  2. Sanderling

    Daytona Beach find

    Dug this badge on Daytona Beach Research indicates that it is an army crest for the 6252nd general hospital near San Diego. Wonder how it got here which leads me to the question: How many of you have found items that just don't seem to belong to the area?
  3. Sanderling

    14K wedding band RTO

    My wife and I were working the beach in St. Augustine when I was approached by a gentleman who asked me if I could help his son find his wedding ring that he had lost in the shallow surf about 30 minutes earlier. His son was in shin deep water looking for the ring. The son told me he was...
  4. Sanderling

    Hanna Park

    Does anyone in the Jacksonville area know if metal detecting is allowed on the beach at Hanna Park?
  5. Sanderling

    Military insignia

    Anyone know what this insignia dates to? From some research it looks like a coastal artillery insignia, but from what period, WW2, WW1? It is a lot smaller than others I have seen. Thanks for checking it out.
  6. Sanderling

    Foreign Exchange

    I meet people from all over the world as I have said in previous posts. Yesterday I met a Russian family with two little boys. I carry some beach "loot" around to give to nice kids and gave each of the boys one of the cars that I had collected. A short time later, as I was making my way down...
  7. Sanderling

    Any idea what this is?

    This is a beach find. The detector picked up the metal bands on the end. It is of an unknown composition, but it is not metal. The only marking are the numbers 7540-00-550-8448. I Googled the number and all that came up were various part numbers for unrelated items.
  8. Sanderling

    Problems with gold chain/necklace

    Just received my 800 last week. I am having issues with it hitting on gold necklaces. I used a very thin 14K ankle bracelet at the beach the other day to test it and could not get the 800 to respond. I cranked the sensitivity to the max with the recovery on 8. With these settings I would get...
  9. Sanderling


    I found this on the beach up in the dunes after we have had a string of rough surf and high tides. Looks like a sponge maybe. Does anyone know if it is a fossil or just dead? How does one tell if it is fossilized?
  10. Sanderling

    Probably my best find

    Not the most expensive find, but an awesome piece of antique jewelry. There is a small mine cut diamond in the center dating to the late 1800s according to my jeweler friend. There are two small emeralds on either side. It is sterling silver and estimated to be about 100 years old. It was...
  11. Sanderling

    more of a whozit

    I know this is a bit off track, but still a mystery that I am looking to solve. This original photo turned up in a box of my family photos. I emailed the photo to a guy in the Boston Red Sox home office. He said he was looking into it, but never got back to me. I am guessing that from the...
  12. Sanderling

    Whatzit beach find

    Found this the other day at the beach. Initially I thought it was a letter opener, then maybe a clock hand as my wife suggested, but now I think it might be a metronome pendulum. It has scored lines at the top and a number G068 (I think) stamped below the lines. Any ideas?
  13. Sanderling

    Target ID lock?

    Hey all: Is there a way to lock the target ID on the CTX? On the Safari a target ID, 37 for instance, will stay on the screen until you hit the next target. On the CTX the ID will only stay on the screen for a few seconds then I have to swing back over the target to get the ID back, so...
  14. Sanderling

    Hurricane Matthew finds

    Had a good day at the beach on Monday 10/10/2016 finding $5.04 in coins, all clad :angry: and a 925 tennis bracelet which was CZ. Followed up the next day and found hardly anything - 39 cents. The beach is a fickle mistress.
  15. Sanderling

    What are your physical limits?

    I was reading a post in this forum where the author said his physical limit was 2 hrs. This made me wonder what others physical limits might be. I can usually tolerate about three hours on the beach. However, if I am having fun and finding targets I can sometimes go 5 hrs. Conversely, if I...
  16. Sanderling

    Curious about ...

    ... what you do with your finds? Do you display them? Do you sell them? Keep them? Give them away? The gold I will try to sell from time to time. No one seems that interested in the silver and I do not get much for 925 rings. Most of the 925 rings are ladies rings and if the wife does not...
  17. Sanderling

    Sad commentary on the hobby

    Check out this recent brief article. It is no wonder that people like this give us all a bad reputation. More and more public parks and schools are prohibiting the pursuit of our hobby. Met a guy from Georgia a couple weeks ago who was telling me about all the CW relics he has found. Where...
  18. Sanderling

    Brass whatzit

    Found this nice little brass object at an antique store recently. I just liked the looks of it. Initially I thought it might be for holding rolls of stamps, but although a roll does fit in the well it does not seem like that is the intended application. Then I thought maybe it is an inkwell...
  19. Sanderling

    Weird find

    I was beach hunting just south of the 2nd Avenue pier in Myrtle Beach last Sunday when I turned up what I thought was a dog tag, but turned out to be a crematorium ID tag. Being inquisitive I contacted Woodward Funeral Home who basically is the Central Ohio Crematory and the lady I spoke to...
  20. Sanderling

    Waterproofing the headphone module?

    Like many of you, when I bought my CTX it came with the Koss non waterproof headphones. I mistakenly thought that the screw cap at the back of the module would make it waterproof. Not so as pointed out in the manual and by others in the forum, the screw cap is merely a dust cap. So, what to...