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Search results

  1. Scoutly

    Gold n Silver n Copper

    Yeah, it’s an interesting site with lots of action from different time periods. You could find old farm tools on one hunt, jewelry, and silver coins on the next! I’m lucky to have access to this place.
  2. Scoutly

    First Seated Liberty, first Silver Dime Trifecta, and an arrowhead to boot!

    1875. Good shape too. I’m real happy with it, thanks.
  3. Scoutly

    Gold n Silver n Copper

    Got out to a favorite permission yesterday. Years ago it was a farmstead. Later it was a vacation spot, and now it's used to entertain a large family and friends. It's been active for a long time and I'm lucky to have it. Anyway, it offers a real mix of finds. I'm still learning a...
  4. Scoutly

    First Seated Liberty, first Silver Dime Trifecta, and an arrowhead to boot!

    Thanks, I’ve only been at it for a couple of months, but I’m having a ball!
  5. Scoutly

    First Seated Liberty, first Silver Dime Trifecta, and an arrowhead to boot!

    Thank you! Super stoked to see that Seated Dime! Bucket lister for me....
  6. Scoutly

    Epic hunt at a old resort lots of silver and copper!

    LOL, just seeing this now. What a killer day that was. I remember at one point we had more silver coins than clad!!
  7. Scoutly

    First Seated Liberty, first Silver Dime Trifecta, and an arrowhead to boot!

    Been a while since I’ve been here, the detecting has been awesome. If MKus didn’t already share, I took him to one of my permissions a couple of weeks ago and we smashed it! 17 silvers between us! I’ll attach a couple of pics from that hunt too. But I was out yesterday and found my first...
  8. Scoutly

    Epic hunt Old Resort yields big silver finds and copper!

    Good time Marky, glad I could finally get you over there. Ready for some night hunting next?
  9. Scoutly

    More rings and my first Indian Cent

    Thanks, I’m new to the hobby and feeling encouraged!
  10. Scoutly

    More rings and my first Indian Cent

    I’ve been frustrated with my work schedule. I’ve only been able to get out once a week. I was out for most of the day today trying to scratch that itch! I was really shooting coins and hoping for silver, but I just stacked up clad and a bunch of wheaties, and finally my first Indian...
  11. Scoutly

    Been laid up for a week!

    Yes we do!! It will be light later after the time change. I’ve only been getting out once a week, but I’m hoping to get out more in the evenings soon. Let’s go!
  12. Scoutly

    Been laid up for a week!

    Had the flu over the last week, but finally got out for a couple of hours last night. Felt good to be detecting again. Found a coupla silvers....
  13. Scoutly

    Silver trifecta Saturday and today’s hunt!!!

    You’re Killin it Marky!
  14. Scoutly

    Another class ring today and some silver.

    23 rings this year!! Wow! Keep it up!
  15. Scoutly

    Lesche Digger mods

    It’s just a mountain Bike grip! $10
  16. Scoutly

    Lesche Digger mods

    Anybody else mod their digger? I understand Lesche only serrated one side of their tools for strength. I went ahead and serrated the other side anyway. I also ditched the Schwinn bicycle grip from 1978😜
  17. Scoutly

    Found at a real old school site.

    Anybody know?
  18. Scoutly

    This weeks finds silver and first Indian of the year.

    Nice work Bro. I've gotta find one of those Indians
  19. Scoutly

    Barber Dime spill tonight

    I hope so, I need one for my collection!
  20. Scoutly

    Barber Dime spill tonight

    Like I said, that park will hence forth be known as “Barber” Park!