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Search results

  1. Bob38

    4Khz luck

    I was hunting a short 2 hour hunt about a month ago where the EMI was so bad I thought I would have to increase my frequency from 8 Khz to 18 or 25 Khz (X35 coil). But I didn't want to do that because the targets were a little deeper than normal (soft fluffy soil with a GB of 74). So I decided...
  2. Bob38

    What I did today

    It has been raining here in eastern Oklahoma today so outside ventures were out. So I thought I would work on getting my Killer Bees incorporated into my Equinox. Finally received my headphone jack made for the Equinox and the swivel belt-clip to replace the useless wire clip that comes with the...
  3. Bob38

    Gun Butt Help or opinion

    I was social distancing at a mid to late 1800s homesite this weekend and found this gun butt. From what I can find on the internet is that it could possibly be a gun butt from a Harper's ferry musket made from 1841 to the 1850s. Otherwise, know as a Mississipi musket. I hate to reach that...
  4. Bob38

    Both Feet. A relic hunting question

    GPXers For about a month now I have been hunting an area that has had the addition of about 8 inches or more to help divert rainwater runoff into an adjacent neighborhood. This dirt was added about 30 years ago and is terraced with some soil being thicker than others Along the edges where no...
  5. Bob38

    Day of Days

    Noxcilians I have been hunting a place that keeps challenging me but I can't stop going there to face the dragon. There is nothing about this place that is appealing. The soil is extremely difficult to dig with layers of square nails, bits of iron along with modern junk. It takes a dummy like...
  6. Bob38

    Help with small bottle ID

    I found this bottle a few months ago at a location that was in operation from 1851 to 1910. Has an M or W on the bottom. Looks like an old pill bottle to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Bob38

    Andy Sabisch new Equinox Book

    Was wondering why there has been no chatter on this forum about Andy Sabisch's new Equinox book. From the Official Minelab Equinox facebook page, it should be ready May 18th. Posted by Andy himself last week. Should be a good read.
  8. Bob38

    Starting to click

    Well, Guys and Gals after a year of digging clad aluminum shards pull tabs and the occasional silver rosy, I believe I have started to turn the corner on the Deus. In the past month, I have made some exceptional finds hunting in high iron and tweaking the settings to find what works best...
  9. Bob38

    Need some advice on HF coils

    I have searched youtube for the advantages of HF coils in iron. I hunt for everything, relic, coin, and Jewelry in medium to low mineralized soils. Like most you, the limiting factor is the iron contamination and I know the HF coils works better for small items but have seen videos of the HF...
  10. Bob38

    1873 Shield Nickel Nox find.

    This weekend I found an 1873 Shield Nickel in an area that has been hunted heavily for years. The site is one of the heaviest iron contaminated sites I have ever hunted and decided to approach the site differently. So I turned the recovery speed up to 5. It was the end of the day so what did I...
  11. Bob38

    Depth Discrimination

    I'm just going to put this out there and see what happens. With today's technology, it would seem that a manufacturer would find a way to add depth discrimination option kind of like the way notch disc works on several units. I often hunt locations where I want to ignore the first 3 inches or so...
  12. Bob38

    Why is TTF the best option for iron laden sites

    OK, I know TTF is a good approach to iron laden sites but why? My theory is this. When in the conductive audio mode you may have rusted halo around the iron (highly likely as a matter of fact) which will present the opportunity for this halo to sound like a conductive target. By switching to...
  13. Bob38

    My oldest coins. I hope

    For some time now my hunting buddy and I have had this ongoing oldest coin contest and he has been the leader since we started with a 1850s dime (for Oklahoma that's really good) until yesterday. I was hunting yesterday alone in an area I have had really good luck. Anyway, I thought I would hunt...
  14. Bob38

    Mr. Bill Mod question Whites Classic SL

    I just finished the Mr. Bill Mod on my Whites Classic SL and I have one question. Is the threshold only heard in the all metal mode and pinpoint? Sorry, I'm used to having the threshold during the disc mode.
  15. Bob38

    Tesoro Bandito

    I have a friend that hunts with a Tesoro Bandito. Last weekend he was changing the batteries and the thing started to smoke. After that the detector stopped working. Anyway, I took it home and one battery leed came loose and near the battery connects to the circuit board a transistor was burnt...
  16. Bob38

    Creek hunting advice

    Ok, I sure need a little input on some creek hunting I have been doing lately. Although I have done OK, all I have been finding is clad coins. And under the presumption that if clad is there older coins must be there. The creek is very rocky with a mixture of large rocks to gravel and silty...
  17. Bob38

    Coin on Edge

    Noxers I was wondering what percentage of coins could be in the ground that may be vertical or at a 45-degree angle and harder to locate. I know this is a lofty question but What do you think? I was thinking about 20-30%
  18. Bob38

    Weekend of weekends- the war nickel story

    I just want to say that I was an Equinox skeptic. Anyway, I just received my Equinox or "Nox" 800 this week and could not wait to get out there and put it to the test. So Saturday I took it to a trusty site I knew would produce shallow new coins. So this Saturday I got up early and went to this...
  19. Bob38

    Equinox 800 wait times

    I was wondering how long everyone had to wait for their equinox. I don't want to sound like an impatient person but just want to get a good fix on my expectations. I know many of you had to wait a long time.