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Search results

  1. ironman200081

    The French Connection

    This hunt was a while back, but I never got around to posting pictures. My partner and I were researching possible locations for a Fremont-era early war Yankee camp in the area and we had a pretty decent location pegged. We got boots on the ground and started sweeping the best looking terrain of...
  2. ironman200081

    Back to the Hot Spot Yankee Camp

    Last weekend, I returned with my digging partner to the early war Yankee camp where I had found the early militia belt plate a few weeks prior. There was a good 2-3 inches of snow on the ground, but we figured the soil would not be frozen in the woods. Luckily, we were right. Despite the slushy...
  3. ironman200081

    Early Militia Belt Plate and Other Goodies

    I had gone a month without detecting due mostly to the weather here in Mid-MO. The urge to dig was relentless, so I called up my friend for a fix. We met up last Saturday, before our big snow, without any real plans. The fields were too wet, so we figured woods would be the way to go. He had...
  4. ironman200081

    Silver dollar spill

    Ok, it's just a spill of two Morgans, but it doubled my silver dollar lifetime total! I was hunting for Civil War relics with my digging partner (we both swing the CTX), and thought I was digging up a belt plate at first until the large silver disc shot out of the dirt. After the shock wore off...
  5. ironman200081

    Coil connector pin broke

    Does the CTX still work effectively with one coil connector pin broken off? Yes, yes it does. I went digging last weekend with a Missouri digging legend (some may say "professional") and noticed my coil wouldn't screw in when I went to swap it out. I looked at the connector pins and noticed one...
  6. ironman200081

    11" Smart Coil

    Ok, friends. After 7 years of heavy abuse, my 11" coil wants to take a permanent trip to the landfill. It is throwing the "Coil Not Connected" error intermittently. I suspect a break or short in the wire, but I have the electric skills of a thumbless squirrel. Has anyone on here had any luck in...
  7. ironman200081

    11 Silvers in a single PUBLIC Park Hunt!

    Once in a great while, every detectorist has some kinda day. I have experienced a few, mostly with Civil War relics on private fields. This winter (2017-2018) I had my best silver total day ever; ten in a public park. This spring, my pal Matt and I take our CTX's out to a well-pounded public...
  8. ironman200081

    The CTX on deep high conductors vs Equinox 800 vs E-Trac

    I finally had an opportunity to meet an Equinox face-to-face. My friend Wise Guy bought an 800, and got it in a few weeks ago. We picked a decent day, and headed out to a park that has produced deep, old coins in the past for my CTX. My wife brought along the E-Trac for added fun. I began by...
  9. ironman200081

    Amazing Ten Silver public park hunt

    With all the news, views, and reviews of Minelab's new darling, the Equinox, its easy to overlook the great stuff that the other Minelabs like the CTX are finding. On this hunt, I hit a well-picked public park with my family. I used the 17-inch coil, which I use almost exclusively unless the...
  10. ironman200081

    How to Preserve Civil War Bullets and Brass

    Have you ever noticed that when storing your dug bullets in a baggie or jar, they seem to get all dusty and powdery? I have found that the best way to prevent the lead oxide from flaking and powdering off is to coat the bullets with Renaissance Wax. This is the same method I use to preserve...
  11. ironman200081

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Hunt

    The wife and I decided to get festive by going detecting in our ugly Christmas sweaters. We took along the youngest kid, too. We had a good day, found some silver and the wife found her first Indian cent. We celebrated by gorging ourselves with barbecue on the way home. Enjoy the video and our...
  12. ironman200081

    Missouri Turf and Surf Hunt

    I got out to do a little turf and surf at a Union campsite. I hunted the pounded-out ground first and found a few, then dipped into the creek below for some more relics. Things are getting sparse at this site these days. Check out the "surprise" at 1:28 into the video...
  13. ironman200081

    One More River Hunt Before Cold Weather

    I decided to hit the river one more time before the temperatures chase me away. It flooded a few weeks ago, so I was finding them right on the gravels before further floods could wash them into the bedrock. I spent about 2 hours finding bullets and had a great time. I do enjoy picking the...
  14. ironman200081

    Spanish Colonial Silver in Missouri

    With all the glitz and glamor surrounding Minelab's new Equinox, you'd think it was the best thing since opposable thumbs and Cheezy Poofs. Maybe so, but right now I am still madly in love with my CTX. I went out on a hunt with my wife, who recently got an E-Trac. We tore up a well-hunted public...
  15. ironman200081

    Removing Harmful Lead From the River

    The fields are still full of crops, so the river is the place to go for relics. This spot was the site of three skirmishes and a long-term Yankee camp. This hunt was from a few weeks ago when it was hot as Scarlet Johansson eating an ice cream cone on a pony. It was 99 degrees with a heat index...
  16. ironman200081

    More River Lead

    The heat and dry spell have transformed the ground into a concrete-like state, so my only option for finding Civil War relics remains the river. I enjoyed a nice few hours chasing Minie ballsfrom the 78-degree water in defiance of the 98-degree sun. Winning. My pinpointer had not yet arrived...
  17. ironman200081

    First River hunt of the season

    It finally got hot enough to chase me from the land to the water in search of Civil War lead. This spot has been pretty well picked over but it is still good for a handful or so of bullets. My first find wasn't a bullet at all, however. It was an eagle-I coat button! I scored some more lead and...
  18. ironman200081

    Hiking with the Wife

    I finally got around to doing a Civil War relic only hunt. This time of year, most of the fields are not huntable, but I went to the woods with my wife and we found it to be not completely overgrown (other than some bloodthirsty blackberry bushes that were the embodiment of pure evil). We hiked...
  19. ironman200081

    Anderson Travel Shaft for the CTX

    I purchased the Anderson travel shaft for the CTX a few months ago because I wanted to be able to pack my machine into my hiking backpack to get to sites off the beaten path where it would be too cumbersome to hand-carry the machine in on a long hike. I paid full retail price from an authorized...
  20. ironman200081

    My 20 cents worth

    Well friends, I am excited to share this with you all. I went relic hunting for Civil War bullets at a local park and ended up finding a coin type that wasn't even on the bucket list because it is so rare I never thought I would find one. On my last line on my way to the car, I hit on a quarter...