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Search results

  1. sasquache

    Sunday's hunt with Simplex+

    Hello my friends i have too say im a diehard Detectorist ive been enjoying the hobby for over 30 years so yesterday i decided too hit a area that had a camps and a old stone foundation from the late 1800's too the 1900's due too the water pertection act the camp is gone they are surrounded by...
  2. sasquache

    Time try something new!

    Hello folks had my Safari for some time and well its time to get a newer technology detector so I decided too try a single frequency metal detector but first i want too say i enjoyed the Safari very much and through my years and posts on here i have found many awesome target's and I just needed...
  3. sasquache

    Finally ordered!!

    Hello friends im finally moving on decided too try a Simplex + whp and from testing it out in the field and talking too the owners in person of Nokta/Makro im really happy with the results but i may have too wait a little while for the second round I ordered from big boys hopfully i can get out...
  4. sasquache

    Last weekends find.

    Got out too a older area old roads nice old area the Safari did a excellent job this silver barber was under many.many roots! But with careful digging i managed not too hit it.going back too the area soon!
  5. sasquache

    Detecting in the morning!

    Headed out to a spot of another foundation site and im going too use my small coil hopfully i can sniff out some goodies.
  6. sasquache

    Today marks another rare first for me :surprised:

    Hello friends im still in shock over this rare for me coin that i pulled from about 8 inches down with my Safari and the 5 X 10 sef coil a rare 1836 capped bust half dime it is the larger 5 C variety not sure how i can out match this lol but i was so in awe :surprised:
  7. sasquache

    Time to detect lol

    Hello my friends it's been a busy spring for me working mostly and the spring Turkey season in Maine is over now its back to metal detecting and fishing! Hope to hit some old ground and find a few keepers! But in reality it is about relaxation being out and enjoying what I love. Good luck...
  8. sasquache

    4-20-19 finds.

    Took my Safari out with the stock 11 fbs coil for a 2 mile hike came across im thinking late 1700's to early 1800's cellar hole didnt find much for coinage but dang there was alot of metal in the ground first off found a big old dandy with some sort of pattern on the face a small button with a...
  9. sasquache

    First time out with Safari.

    Hello friends took the Safari and my 15 wot coil out too a old hilly wooded area with a old wood road going through it didn't find much at all some bullet shells only could swing in some area's that were not frozen i didn't find the coil too heavy and it performed nicely then i decided too take...
  10. sasquache

    A error wheaty ? Found with my Safari last fall.

    Hello friends just seeing what everyone else thinks. I think it is a early wheaty but is it a error wheat cent? I haven't cleaned it up at all but soon. Thank you for looking.
  11. sasquache

    WOT coil testing!

    Got my 15 WOT and decided too do some air testing with my Safari set a manual 17 . coin mode in my freezing basement there were crotal bell and indian head penny,barber dime, wheaty,buffalo nickle,liberty nickle,Kennedy silver half,standing liberty quarter,Washington quarter,big button,small...
  12. sasquache

    New coil is on its way!!

    Bought a 15 inch all terrain WOT coil for my Safari should be here by march 6th even though i can't detect do to all the snow i may do some air testing would like some ideas on how and what too test? Thank you
  13. sasquache

    Bad switch on pro pointer

    Hello everyone i have a bad on/off switch on my pro find 25 pinpointer is there anyone that replaces the switch? I know it is out of date and warranty. I contacted minelab twice so far no responce. Thank you
  14. sasquache

    Question on ID EXCEL

    Im seriously out of luck with my 8 inch concentric coil the coating has completely cracked off fisher labs can't help me what next? I've looked around for a new or used coil 8 or 10 inch and there isnt any I've posted in the classifieds on this forum but no luck any other coil i can use from...
  15. sasquache

    Thinking on going cordless

    Anyone use cordless with there Safari's i love my Minelab head phone but sometimes the cord is a pain in the butt. Any ideas ???? Thanks Sasquache
  16. sasquache

    New coil.

    I gotta share wonder i bought a 15 inch all terrain WOT coiltec coil for my Safari for fields and open spaces plus beaches now i own a 13 inch older round detech coil will i see much difference over all between the 2 coils and im posting this here becouse most Safari users post here.Thanks Sasquache
  17. sasquache

    Winter beach hunting

    Anyone else detect the beaches (when the ground is frozen solid) the winter with the Safari and if so what coil do you use and any settings you wish to share? I use a older round 13 inch detech seems too go really deep and loves round things found a canadian dollar coin at around 24 inches load...
  18. sasquache

    Farmfield and new field permission finds!

    Hello friends went to a field i hit for several years no luck so got permission for a viegin field never hit wow and it is loaded with goodies first find was a big button no shank next was a 1797 draped bust large cent then a big frock button with a design (but everything dug here in fields...
  19. sasquache

    Farm field this sunday

    Hello my friends going to hit a really old farm field sunday going to be cold but hunted this area many times always seem to find something this tome im using the Safari with the 13 inch detech coil any tips and tricks you guy's and gal's want to share for running the Safari Thank you Should be...
  20. sasquache

    9-30-18 old horse track finds.

    Took the Safari out and these are my finds 1945 merc and 2 wheatys one of the wheatys looks to be double stamped. But whats not pictured is the junk finds primarily aluminium and brass and copper wire. The Safari is a awesome slow searcher and will pick out the silver,nickle,gold and copper...