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    Kaput !

    Anyone know the symptoms of a bad coil ? My symptom is everything works normal but nothing gets detected. I can hear the buzz, work all the menus. Did a reset no joy. There is also a long vertical line about mid display & no coin-ring-cap etc icons. It ran fine last week but was dead today...
  2. T


    Anyone have an old GTA500 that can ohm out the search coil connector ? I think I may have an open coil but want to be sure. Alternative is the interconnects between the PCB's or dried up electrolytics. Beyond that its retirement time:cry: HH Tom LFOD !
  3. T

    Garrett GTA500

    Anyone got a GTA500 with a good coil ? I assume mine is bad. I will try to describe the connector pin out. Cable end. notched key 1 2...
  4. T

    sniped a NOX 800

    Decided I had to put up or shut up so last Monday I started my search. Took 2 days for it to pop up in stock & I should have it for the week end. Now I have to deal with a Squaw on the warpath looking for scalps !! Pray for me.......... BTW not a sponsor & dont take BO's or list. C U in the...
  5. T

    NOX 800 order

    Tomorrow is the day. I have been watching the NOX saga since Detestable & I now believe for the money it can NOT be beat. Even for a LOT more money ! It will compliment my Safari & if I can get my old GTA500 going have 3 machines for all to enjoy. My local dealer wasnt to hopeful for a...
  6. T


    Went to BONE this morning in Keene N.H. Debbie from Minelab was there for a great Q&A session then took everyone out to the grass for a swing. A good time was had by all. Of note was ground balance. She said zero unless you are on very hot ground. Noise cancel every change in modes. If you know...
  7. T


    Sry if this is a dupe. " gigmaster" has some good video abt the EQ 800 on U tube. One compares the 800, AT pro & deuce. virtual tie with the deuce. AT pro blown away. Some field hunting also. Finds lots of tiny things. I would say its VERY promising ! With the feature list & big price...
  8. T

    U tube

    Now that EQ's are out there should be U tubes soon. PLEASE if you post one be sure it will hit on a " Minelab Equinox" search. I know nothing about such things but I would imagine if its in the subject line that would work. TYVM Tom in cold NH LFOD !
  9. T

    Another video

    Sorry if this is a dupe. Different than the other last week. 73 Tom N.H. LFOD !
  10. T


    What happened to the thread about the FCC type acceptance ? Dont remember the title but it showed up yesterday & seems to be gone. All a matter of public record BTW. Waiting for my Platypus 800 73 Tom LFOD !
  11. T

    New Safari

    First off thanks to all on the forum. It was VERY helpful in deciding on the Safari. I have no regrets. I got the Safari to replace an old Garret GTA500 which is now a back up. I have a few comments after going through a set of batteries. 1) Safari IS a turn on & go detector. Only thing is I...