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Search results

  1. J

    Latest TDI SL mod..

    I've always had trouble getting the GB and Threshold exactly right on my TDI SL. After seeing Karelian's thread on the vernier knob, I decided to see what I could come up with. The problem with the control the guy suggested to him was that it had limited movement. Ideally, you want the vernier...
  2. J

    Video on TDI SL battery voltage effect on coils

    Finally got to work on testing the 7 1/2DF, 8x6 Sadie, MJ 8x12, and 12"DF. Did a comparison on the 7 1/2DF and Sadie with both battery packs, and a comparison of the MJ 8x12 FM, and the Whites 12"DF at 16v. Voltage effect on coils Sorry guys, I noticed after watching the whole thing that...
  3. J

    TDI SL mods and tests

    I did both of Reg Sniff's suggested mods to my 2013 model TDI SL. I also use a 16v battery pack. I was testing it yesterday on pieces of nickel. I buried a 1 gram piece at 6", and a 1.84 gram piece at 10". The TDI saw both with the 7.5"DF coil, and the 8 x6 NF Sadie coil. The 12"DF coil could...
  4. J

    Did the TDI SL sweep speed mod today

    Bit the bullet and did the sweep speed mod this morning. Made a huge difference in the acceptable SS. I ran the 1 grain gold bar past the 8 x 6 Sadie coil before doing the mod, and there was a relatively slow, specific sweep speed that gave the best signal. Too fast, and the signal completely...
  5. J

    GMT and "follow the black sand" function...

    I've been planning on some testing of the GMT's ability to find paystreaks of black sand. Finally went down near the Utah border and collected some sand to use. I was disappointed in how slow the GMT's indicator changed over the sand I used. Much too slow, unless you want to die of boredom...
  6. J

    Need cable

    Anybody know a source for the cable that Detector Pro uses on their headphones? It's 3 conductor, unshielded, and 4mm +/- on the OD. I bought a Z-Link, and want to make up a short cable to hook the receiver to my DP Nugget Busters. The NB's have a mini XLR jack. I hate to cut up the Nugget...
  7. J


  8. J

    videos on using jig for heavy metal

    I posted 3 videos on Youtube about using my jig for heavy metals. Do a Youtube search under "Jigging for Gold". I thnik there's some good info there for you guys that are interested in jigs. Jim
  9. J

    Looking for nugget-hunting partner Southeast Idaho

    I've located an old gold placer in SW Montana. It's a 10 mile trip on a 4-wheeler to get in there. That's too far to go alone, so I'm looking for another gold guy with a 4-wheeler that wants to go. Probably stay at least 1 night, maybe 2. I've got a 3/4 ton 4 x4 with a flatbed, so hauling them...
  10. J

    Nugget hunting partner S.E. Idaho

    Looking for prospecting partner in southeast Idaho. I'm retired, and have some free time for nugget hunting. I take day trips, and sometimes trips of several days to the mining areas within 300 miles of Blackfoot. PM me if interested. Jim
  11. J

    Lamproite? Rhyolite? Need ID help

    Found a 10" hunk of this in northern Nevada last weekend. This piece is about 3" x 5". Very unusual rock for that area. Has a distinct greenish cast. That country is mostly either rhyolite, or basalt lava, and dark brown to reddish brown. I didn't have time to do any further looking...
  12. J

    homebuilt 12v vibratory classifier video

    I've been meaning to get this done for 2 or 3 weeks, but just keep getting sidetracked, so I thought I'd do it first thing this morning. One of the things, in my gem prospecting, I've learned to hate is shaking screens to classify my material before running it through the jig. I decided I needed...
  13. J

    Diamond indicator minerals

    I've been doing quite a bit of diamond prospecting In Wyoming the last 3 years. Still haven't found diamonds, but feel like I'm getting close. The pic with the penny is my largest hunk of chrome diopside. The gray material is the kimberlite matrix it came out of. That matrix, still being...