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Search results

  1. D

    Equinox 800 Recovery speed simple test - Very good.

    Today i was on one of my favourite coin shooting test sites with the 800. This site has given up hundreds of coins so far over the last 2 months or so Plus a silver ring. I was running Park 2. Recovery speed set to maximum 8. I got a nice 21 to 22 signal showing a depth of 6 to 8 inch's. I...
  2. D

    Ring or Junk.

    Found this thing with the Simplex last week. Depth about 7 or 8 inches down. I am not sure if it is a finger ring or just a junk wire piece. Looks to be made of copper or something similar,,
  3. D

    Explorer 2 Silver Ring find.

    Got this 925 ( 92.5%Silver) ring the other day with my dusted down Explorer 2, first time out with the explorer 2 in about 9 months. Plus 4 pound coins all this in a 90 minute hunt. Using the Garrett Zlink wireless headphones which in my opinion work pretty good with the Explorer 2.
  4. D

    Equinox 800 second hunt 4 hours.

    These were found on my second time out with my new Equinox 800. "The good the bad and the ugly" . I found Beach 1 (surprisingly) seemed to perform the best for me by far on this inland modern coins site. The Gold 1 and 2 were tried and on this site worked well unmasking many cupro nickel...
  5. D

    First initial field tests should be here for the weekend:smile:

    I can't wait to hear the first reports!:clap: It should be very interesting for sure.
  6. D

    Flying In some Equinox's ?

    Would it cost a fortune for Minelab to transport in some nox 's by plane ? I was thinking maybe they could have flown some nox 's over to a few dealers to satisfy some of the frustrated buyers and potential buyers. I guess maybe it would hit into the profits way too much. Maybe say fly in a...
  7. D

    No Magic Wand.

    She will be light and fast , not a magic wand. I know this will just offend some people maybe , but the Nox is just another detector amongst thousands of other models.
  8. D

    Equinox is now been manufactured.

    and will be available the end of January 2018. Says my local dealer.
  9. D

    Premature forum ?

    Personally i think this is all looking like a bit of a shambles , i think the whole idea of a having a forum for a detector that does not actually exist is crazy. There are no solid facts here about the new nox detector at all. The forum is full of people guessing how the new minelab will...
  10. D

    Half an Inch More Depth.

    I think if the Equinox could give us just half an inch extra depth it would be surprising just how many more coins will come out of those "worked out sites". I also think if this detector is faster than a ctx then more coins will come out of "worked out sites" I am sure it will be faster than...
  11. D

    Fortune - M Metal Detector.

    Has any one tried this detector , this detector is also known as the internet detector for some reason. Available as Kit Build also .
  12. D

    Thursday on a new field with the impact

    I did a 4 hour search on a new field Thursday afternoon with the impact , I used the stock coil , mode of operation all afternoon was DI 99 in 5 KHz. Found £50 in spendable money! Plus a few silver items the best of which was a solid Stirling Silver Ingot Pendent !.. may sell for up to £20...
  13. D

    Mind Blowing Depth.

    I was surprised just how deep the impact will go yesterday. I was hunting on a pasture field. I was using Deep mode with 5 Khz . Stock coil. I got a good strong solid signal and dug an minimum 15 inch deep hole to recover an old 2 and a half inch long by 1 inch wide lead "relic" roman...
  14. D

    NiZn Re Chargeables.

    Does any one know if it is safe to use NiZn Re chargeables on the impact , these are 1.6 volts per cell.
  15. D

    So how many hours use do you guys get on re chargeables?

    I would be interested to know how many hours use you can get on a set of re chargeables on your impact..
  16. D

    Fisher 441

    Circa 1980 (or thereabouts) , what frequency does this all metal detector work on. Any experts who know?..thanks...
  17. D

    Whats all this crap lol!!

    The site has been spammed.. or what ever you call it..
  18. D

    What is your Deepest Single Coin with Impact.

    My own personal best is 6 to 7 inches so far.
  19. D

    Impact finds from 90 minute Hunt.

    I tried my new Gold Ring "Program" out the other day on a trashy site , I have found quite a few rings on this site including 1 Gold Ring with other detectors though. I am now digging any signal that is not ferrous. No matter how bad the signal sounds it is dug. The small coil was used...
  20. D

    Impact on gold rings

    Any one found a GOLD RING with there impact yet. Are the signals good from GOLD RINGS underground.