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  1. M

    Using the 7.8 / 7.6 kHz coils on the F75

    I do use the 7.8 / 7.6 kHz coils on my F75. For example, Fisher hasn't yet made the 11" Triangulated concentric coil for the F75. I wish they would as I really like this coil. The 11" Triangulated concentric coil is the stock coil for the F44. I like this coil for when I need concentric...
  2. M

    A little ETRAC gold......

    I don't know why folks say the Etrac isn't a good gold jewelry detector. A few weeks back the Etrac sucked this out of turf. About 2-1/2" to 3" deep out of a well watered, well groomed turf site. Trash Density setting on High. I love this Trash Density feature on my Etrac. Instead of...
  3. M

    I think Fisher should make a selectable frequency detector based on the F75 LTD

    Take the regular F75+ or LTD model and add an additional low, and high frequency selection option to it. ....say 3 kHz for a low frequency and 25 kHz for a high frequency, keeping the 13 kHz for a medium frequency selection. Keep all the existing program and tone choices as they are. That...
  4. M

    Anyone making coils for the Gold Kruzer yet?

    What I would really like is a 4"x20" DD or something like that, but I'd settle for a nearly anything else between the 6x10 and the 13 x15. Maybe a Mars Tiger or something...... Anyone hear anything about new coils????? Thanks Mike
  5. M

    What should I do?

    I got a bunch of 7.8 kHz coils but currently have no Fisher detector to use them on. Should I: a) Buy a new F5, b) Buy a new F19, or c) sell the coils? Part of me says buy one of the two detectors because I already have the coils. Part of me says I'll not get much use out of the detector...
  6. M

    Nothing new from the Orlando Sentinel.

    News Media is making is seem like a big deal the Orlando Sentinel newspaper is against Trump for president in 2020. However....per Wikipedia.... The Orlando Sentinel is the primary newspaper of Orlando, Florida, and the Central Florida region. It was founded in 1876 and is currently owned by...
  7. M

    Another pretty ring find with the F75 LTD w/DST

    Was scouting a new site Sunday morning and found this pretty little 10KT ring with some diamond chips. Only got to put in about 40 minutes there before folks ran me off (read as: I leave when people show up). I'll get an earlier start next time out and see what else is there to find. May...
  8. M

    Something pretty to look at, courtesy of my F75 LTD DST model.

    The more experience I gain with other detectors the more appreciative I am of the F75 LTD DST capabilities. This was a solid 18 on my F75LTD. Was using JE mode, default gain, 1n tone mode, and the 10" elliptical concentric coil. I don't know if it is white gold or platinum as resizing has...
  9. M

    Some Omega 8500 thoughts

    Got a couple of handfuls of detectors I like to use, basically I just rotate through them every few weeks or so. One of which is the Omega 8500. Now the 8500 has it warts, but it has some good things about it too. One of the 8500 warts is that it really works better with concentric coils...
  10. M

    Pearl Harbor Day.

    One of the best ways to remember "the day that will live in infamy" is to watch one of the Pearl Harbor movies or documentaries. Lest we forget. HH Mike
  11. M

    Guess who gets a new ATPro today

    Guess who gets a new ATPro today? Give up? ME! Needed a wet weather unit and couldn't pass up the new bare bones Sport offering; ATPro with 5x8 coil and a HAT. :detecting: HH Mike
  12. M

    Have you seen the new prices for the F75 LTD :twodetecting:

    A friend at work is retiring and looking at metal detectors and asked me for advice on what to get. I told him that in my opinion the best all purpose metal detector for us desert dwellers is the F75 LTD. It will do it all. We did some googling and WOW, I couldn't believe the new prices I...
  13. M

    Anyone running one of the new round 7" DD MARS coils on their F75?

    The MARS round 7" DD caught my attention when Daniel SR posted a picture of it. It looks like a nice intermediate size between the 5" and the stock 11" coil. When I did a little more digging it appears Mars is a pretty decent aftermarket coil mfg. So I decided to buy one and give it a go...
  14. M

    The G2+LTD put a nice ring in my pocket yesterday

    I hadn't had my G2+LTD out very much after I bought it, so I unpacked it, put the stock coil on it and took it out yesterday to do a little audio profile testing. You know, tiny sounds tiny, coin sounds coin, bottle caps sound larger than coins, etc...stuff like that. Got a zinc penny...
  15. M

    A little Mother's Day gold with the F75 LTD with DST

    My F75LTD/DST model has proven itself highly EMI resistant and extremely sensitive to the tiniest gold jewelry and it is has become my detector of choice for my wood chip playground gold patches. I run it with the little narrow 5x10" DD coil, 99 Sensitivity, 0 Disc, 1N tone, in JE mode and it...
  16. M

    A little eye candy

    I picked up a nice used Etrac, what.... maybe two months ago now. Mostly got it for slow motion old coin hunting but for grins I took it to one of my inland jewelry patches and found this nice little beauty hiding out in the turf. 2.45 grams of 18k white gold with a nice diamond. Rang up as...
  17. M

    Omega 8500 Deep 0 is where its at.

    I posted this last year on a different forum. Decided to post it here too..... So I’m wavering on it. Does it stay or does it go? I grab the 8500 and do what I always do when trying to make a decision, I start looking at the instrument’s effectiveness and efficiency at doing what I do with...
  18. M

    I really like First Texas Product's coil selections

    I may have said this before but I'll say it again. I really like First Texas Product's coil selection. They have one of the best, if not the best, OEM coil offerings on the market today. 7.6 and 7.8 kHz concentric coil offerings include the: - 4" round concentric - 7" round concentric -...
  19. M

    Tejon question

    I was reading on Gary's site that there are two versions of the Tejon. The American verision and a UK version called the Tejon Pro. The Pro version supossedly has a better iron disc range. My the current models sold in the states have this enhanced iron discrimination...
  20. M

    Adding some coils to my F75 selection.

    I bought one of the new 4" concentric coils for my Omega and I put it on the F75LTD for grins and it worked great. In fact it performed just as well in air on the F75 as it did on the Omega. Just bench testing. I don't know if it will ground cancel yet but I was happy to see it working in...