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Search results

  1. J

    CZ coil wire question

    Hey Guys Anyone have a quick solution to unwinding a coil wire so I can chest stays wrapped around a pole for a long period. It doesnt want to straighten out...and can cause damage if not carful...thanks joe
  2. J

    Looking for coil info on Anfibio

    Any of You Guys using a 5 x 10 coil factory or NEL type.. On the Anfib multi hunting old home sites/relic hunting.. Likes and dislikes ( depth,seperation etc.) would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance...joe
  3. J

    Looking to get a Nox..

    Hey Guys Been using detectors since the 80' sure this has been discussed here on the forum. Looking to get my first Minelab.. Considering the Nox 600 or 800 will only be relic hunting and perhaps beach hunting couple times.a year... Trying a friends 800 ..the flutie sounds will take some...
  4. J

    New Vista X coil

    Got My New Vista X 6 x 8 coil today from Richard (Backwoods Detectors)today.. Looking forward to digging some Relics with it this weekend. hh. joe
  5. J

    Really liking the Vista X

    Hey Guys Got out for a hunt at one of my relic sites with the X..really like the 2 tone setup..but the most impressive thing to me is the depth..pulled a couple pieces 10-12"...hunted in discrimination mode..good sold high tone....Gain set around 35 and Threshold 30-35 ..Ground balance stayed in...
  6. J

    You guys using the Vista X

    On stock coil where the X is located on coil is that considered the center of coil target...thank for your time...joe
  7. J

    Anyone using the larger type coils on G2+,GBP or f19

    Tried my detech ultimate 13 for the first time today encountered a lot of EMI using this coil on my f19.. Was wondering if anyone using the larger Nel,Cors type coils with the G2+..Gold Bug Pro/Se or f19 encounter EMI at times... Thank You for Your time. joe
  8. J

    How many using the IM28R 11" coil with the Impact

    Hey Guys Got one recently and am impressed with the depth of it over the 7x11 stock coil in my dirt...anyone else using one thats been impressed with it on the Impact...hh. joe
  9. J

    Dont know whats been done but f19 is finding the relics..

    Been able to get out half dozen times last several weeks going back over areas hunted with other good detectors...old home sites gone with time and some CW sites... F19 is pulling some brass/lead etc..seems to really hit hard on brass.. Pulling relics with the 5x10 coil length of my garrett PP...
  10. J

    Question on Anfibio stock coil...

    Hey Guys Got a question... Keeping in mind the Anfibio 11 inch round stock coil has longer cable... And will connect up with the Nokta Impact... Will the Anfib coil work as it should/properly ..on a Nokta Impact Thank You for any info on this topic joe
  11. J

    Anyone noticed this on the f19..

    I have a 18 year old coin and relic target I have is a 10 inch military swinging the f19/ 5x10 coil over object it will give a short Low Tone..but good numbers will show on screen 70's at the same time... So is the tone and ID numbers working independently? ...thanks...
  12. J

    Fisher f19 on sale..

    Anyone thinking about buying a f19.. hh. joe
  13. J

    Took the f19 out for the first time..

    I ordered the Fisher f19 last week after talking with a few guys on the forums.. I was really surprised with the performance of this detector.. Hits really hard on brass..took it to old trashy house site...pulled several pieces of shotgun brass etc....couple from 8-9 inches deep and thats using...
  14. J

    Anyone using the f19/Detech Ultimate coil combo. Too relic hunt...

    Going to be trying this setup. f19. With Ultimate 13" ....had a few questions to ask someone using this setup to relic hunt with...thank you for your time. joe
  15. J

    Is anyone using a F19 partial to a certain type of headphones..

    Wondering if anyone using the F19 has found a 32 or 100 Ohms etc.headphones works better with this detector..thank you for your time...joe
  16. J

    Anyone doing any Relic hunting with 3D

    Hey Guys Wanting to know if anyone Relic hunts with a CZ3D ..thanks. joe
  17. J

    The Anfibio Beach/Water hunting..Some observations...

    Hey Guys Just got back from vacation down on the Gulf...first time beach/water hunting.. Used the Anfibio Multi .. Stock coil Freq. 20 Beach Mode Manual GB 00..on Wet Sand Changed to 2 tone Stock settings except cranked sensitivity up to 90..some chatter on wet sand.. Really impressed with the...
  18. J

    First ever beach hunt coming up..Anyone got a program 4 the Anfibio..

    Hey Guys Got the opportunity to do some beach hunting down on the Gulf in next few weeks...taking the multi Anfibio could really use a jewelry only program.if anyone has one to share...notching,numbers etc..any help would be greatly appreciated. .thank you for your time...joe
  19. J

    Wow!! Relearning the CZ!!

    Been a number of years since I have owned and used a CZ .. Used the CZ as my primary unit untill I went T2. Been using Teks and MakNoks since then... It's a whole different ballgame..