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Search results

  1. 5

    Got the 6" coil for the EQ 600

    Same settings as mine except I run 50 tones, and use recovery speed of 2 many times in hunted out spots. I my deep garden coin practice, I run RS=2 a lot. I also own an Equinox 800 too, and my prime recovery speed setting on the 800 is 5. That equals 2.5 on the 600 if it existed. To...
  2. 5

    Got the 6" coil for the EQ 600

    Same question. My 6" coil hits my 9" dime in my coin garden with tone plus VDI, and Texas clay is not friendly.
  3. 5

    Which larger coil do you use and why?

    Detech 10x12. Better than the Ultimate(I also own that coil) but the 10x12 SEF is so much better in separation, than the 13"Ultimate. My 2-coil arsenal for my Etrac, besides the 11" factory, is the 10x12 SEF and the 8x6 SEF. I pulled up a Barber quarter, hunting behind the best FBS tector I've...
  4. 5

    Pin Pointers - shopping for a new one.

    "The only issue I ever have is that they will "freeze up'" once in a while. When this happens I use my Lesch digger as a screwdriver and unscrew the battery end and pull the end battery part way out and this resets it to the default settings." That issue is what drove me crazy. I still own an...
  5. 5

    VDI For A Metal Slotted Valve Stem Cap?

    Lost in a small area, just need the VDI. Thanks. Equinox or Whites VDI will work.
  6. 5

    Anyone notice a change in news reporting from Drudge?

    with this clown in the WH, the sensible "sky is falling." He is a clown.
  7. 5

    800 model over 9” deep dime varying GB (video)

    Erroneous swing style between tests. The zero condition was misrepresented.
  8. 5

    Need prayer for surgeries

    Prayers sent. Life gets cruel, it changes so fast.
  9. 5

    Recovery Speed/Depth

    My test garden and comparisons against the best tector I know, using an Explorer SE, gets added depth with a setting of "normal" instead of fast...he is always looking for deepies. Just saying...
  10. 5

    Recovery Speed/Depth

    I read a post lately, where someone said, "The faster the recovery speed setting, the deeper you get." NO, it is totally the opposite. Slower RS limits shallow-er target separation ability but as far as depth, slower recovery setting on the Nox, the better. All machines!
  11. 5

    I Can't Take This Anymore..!

    Best question, "You never called her over to test your sure-coin signals?"
  12. 5

    The Friend Who Finds It All

    Drop the factory setting for recovery speed to 2.
  13. 5

    Helping the wife

    Consider getting an Equinox 600 with the 6" coil. The stock 11" coil package will feel really good after the Ace400
  14. 5

    Do NOT Buy The Aukey Ear Buds

    They pair but with so much lag, and the plus (+) symbol doesn't appear. POS HPs for our needs. It is not LL
  15. 5

    Yet another Explorer!!

    That sounds like a sweet setup. Run it with DEEP selected. There is a lot of depth in the SE.
  16. 5

    Unstable In Multi

    I have always had easy operation in Multi frequency mode with my 600, location being my front yard. Now, the 600, with even the 6" coil, goes unstable unless I lower sens to 15-16. I can use 5 khz single, 10 and 15 khz, and be stable. It is worse with the 11" coil. The single 5 khz frequency...
  17. 5

    TROND Headphones 4.2LL

    I asked an official about the BT version concerns with whether an the Tronds marked 4.2LL in the packaging slip, would be guaranteed NOT to actually be Ver 5.0, and imcompatible with the Equiinox. This was the response: Thank you for contacting us. TROND Bluetooth headphones is always Bluetooth...
  18. 5

    Charge Properly

    To all concerned over the internal Li-On battery life and replacement, charging method you use may damage your battery. I have topped mine off a lot, even over night. I'll change that action.
  19. 5

    Equinox 600 bundle w/6" Coil Special

    Is the lower rod hardware kit included in the Equinox 600 bundle, which includes the 6" coil? The lower hardware kit shows listed as included when you get just the the coil. Did you all who have actually bought the Equinox bundle w/6" coil, also get the hardware kit?