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Search results

  1. J

    Whites tdi depth while prospecting for gold

    My part of Idaho (southeastern) is a nugget void....LOL lots of flour in the Snake, but no nuggets. That's why I travel to Nevada, and Wyoming. Even Wyoming is tough, though it does have nuggets. I'm a member too, though I wouldn't join again. I'm not really a "group" guy. All that rah, rah...
  2. J

    HF vs LF on depth of high conductive target question.

    ALL metals respond better to hi-freq's. The reason the makers don't use it for all their detectors is the ground mineralization problem. Jim
  3. J

    HF vs LF on depth of high conductive target question.

    The problem is high freq's don't penetrate against the ground mineralization very well. The reason they're used for gold is because tiny pieces of gold give almost no response to lower freq's. And most gold is pretty small. Another problem is how we talk about all this. We call some targets...
  4. J

    Whites tdi depth while prospecting for gold

    I.F. is only 20 miles north of me. I prospect Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. Jim
  5. J

    Gold Bug 1 Frequency ?

    NO! I think it was 19khz. It definitely was NOT 71khz. Two very different machines. Jim
  6. J

    Whites tdi depth while prospecting for gold

    If he won't buiuld you one, I can, but not until winter closes down my prospecting, and farm and home chores. Jim
  7. J

    Whites tdi depth while prospecting for gold

    I don't. But, you may be able to contact him through Ebay. Jim
  8. J

    Whites tdi depth while prospecting for gold

    The original TDI and TDI Pro take a different battery pack than the SL version. A guy calling himself "reidman2u" sells the SL version, with the increased voltage, on Ebay, though he doesn't currently have any listed. You might try contacting him on EBay. Jim
  9. J

    White's Service

    Actually, it's Centreville, not Centerville, and I'm waiting to see how they handle my warranty issuer. Paul at Centreville seems a good guy, so we'll see what happens. Jim
  10. J

    White's Service

    I'm still waiting to find out if they will honor the warranty on one of the coils I got with my GM24K. Jim
  11. J

    Whites tdi depth while prospecting for gold

    Which model are you putting it in? SL? Jim
  12. J

    whats wrong with my TDI SL

    Possibly EMI? I'd take it to a different location and try it. The frequency adjustment won't eliminate most EMI...that's not what it's for. Jim
  13. J

    Sheriffs, Didn't know the Power They Have

    Everybody should read this. Good post! Jim
  14. J

    Latest TDI SL mod..

    I charge $150 for the pair, shipped. For me the benefit is being able to very accurately set the Threshold and Ground Balance. IMHO, that's a big help when looking for small targets. For guys using it for the beach and relic hunting, it's probably not worth it. Jim
  15. J

    Latest TDI SL mod..

    Jess, they're gear reduction controls. They turn 6 turns for every turn of the detector control. You have to mount them on a fixed base so the bodies don't rotate. They are fastened to the detector controls by a set screw. I machine the bases from a solid block of aluminum, and fasten the...
  16. J

    BEAUTIFUL Buffalo Nickel!

    That's a dandy! Nice find! Jim
  17. J

    Here's a Word That Describes

    In Idaho, we have a saying "don't p--- down my back and tell me it's raining". Covers the situation well IMHO. Jim
  18. J

    Guardian Angels Still Around and In the Mix island of sanity in a sea of morons. Jim
  19. J

    Latest TDI SL mod..

    I've always had trouble getting the GB and Threshold exactly right on my TDI SL. After seeing Karelian's thread on the vernier knob, I decided to see what I could come up with. The problem with the control the guy suggested to him was that it had limited movement. Ideally, you want the vernier...