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    Please list your favorite detector of all times

    My favorite detector and I believe it is a favorite here from reading through the responses is the V3i. Perhaps it is my own opinion? I believe it is because the White's Spectra V3i taught the operator to do metal detecting. The arduous learning curve causes most to give up on the V3i. Those...
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    Which is todays best larger coil for the V3i?

    Previously I done some research on the V3i. This should be checked out. There are some on here that may be able to help verify this? c/p The v3i actually has a first generation ARM Superscalar processor clocked at like 1.20ghz so its actually insanely fast if you look at the specs on paper...
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    White's Electronics Forum?

    Vito, occasionally you will see a real bargain here. The V3i has configurability to notch out an icon. And even change the colors of the icon! There is an infinite number of ways to configure the V3i. The fact I was aware it was soon to be a collector I began to acquire different coils for...
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    White's Electronics Forum?

    My continued research reveals that the V3i is the only 'simultaneous' freq./kHz detector that provides adequate information on the screen to indicate the freq./kHz that is being 'simultaneous' in search mode, pinpoint mode, or the (EMI) electromagnetic interference mode? To compliment the fact...
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    whats the best detector you ever had

    At the end of the day the i's have it! lol That's right! The V3i! I love to learn, and the White's Spectra V3i has an unspoken title: Instructor! To my knowledge opposed to popular opinion it is the 'only' multi-freq., 'simultaneous' metal detector that reflects on the screen the...
  6. 1

    Time for a Manticore group? Lets vote for one. :)

    Respectfully, "[F]indmall remains dedicated to the 'detecting enthusiasts". Therefore, to view the statement in the totality of the facts "dedicated to the "detecting enthusiasts" on the flip side of the coin it appears that the 'dedicated enthusiasts' could start a topic of their own...
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    White's Spectra V3i is a 'Legend'

    I and many of my fellow members, and die-hard White's lovers would love to see the Garrett-White's V3i emerge victorious with an updated V3i capable of multifrequency, indicating the VDI, frequency, and Icon in true 'simultaneous' multifrequency in a beautiful, color-coded graph in scan...
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    Time for a Manticore group? Lets vote for one. :)

    Findmall deserves to be commended for: Findmall remains dedicated to the detecting enthusiasts. I am sure the enthusiasts are grateful. Leatherneck
  9. 1


    At the outset I commented for (1) one reason. I wanted to place 'fodder' food for thought. It appears that there may be some now commenting that will make this noteworthy. Perhaps soon there will be more to glean from. I will preserve any further comments till a later date.
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    White's Spectra V3i is a 'Legend'

    Some claim many have passed the V3i; however, I have found none that provides adequate information reflecting they are 'simultaneous' on the display indicating the freq. in scan, pinpointing, and in performing an Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI); likewise, the V3i When a single frequency...
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    Rumors of new machines.

    In my opinion the copyright is preventing a lot from happening.
  12. 1

    Rumors of new machines.

    They have acquired the White's line? Perhaps they will produce an updated White's Spectra V3i? They need to come out with one that is waterproof and with the capabilities of the new fiber shaft eliminating a lot of weight? I will wait till I see one with the capabilities of the V3i that...
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    Time for a Manticore group? Lets vote for one. :)

    Respectfully, Minelab is obviously sponsored here? I counted (7) seven subcategories of the Minelab. nalc472 if it would help your intention of providing a sub section of Minelab Manticore I would vote for the Manticore. That would help the members to identify a specific make and model. The...
  14. 1


    For quite a while I anticipated this happening. How many similar filings have there been? Who is the dominate Plaintiff in these filings? Has any been brought to fruition? And, if so, what was the result?
  15. 1

    Minelab Manticore

    Is the Manticore 'Simultaneous'? Will it scan 'Simultaneous' freq./kHz and indicate on the display the freq./kHz that it has below the coil? Very simple question! Thanks!
  16. 1

    Whites "Flagship" Detector ?

    If there were a vote as there is here the White's Spectra V3i would be the flagship! In my opinion most did not want to devote the time and the patience to receive the educational benefit it had to offer and still does? Notice I clicked a like on all my fellow members statement. I believe...
  17. 1

    True detection depth of Noka Invenio in mineralized earth..?

    It will be educational to follow this. I have a very limited exposure to this advanced concept of metal detecting. I continuously am made aware of the 3D imaging? Interesting! It has been out since around 2018? I found this researching the Invenio. Operating Principle VLF Operating...
  18. 1

    Manticore vs Legend

    As stated in the above: Inquiry To circumvent any of my members being admonished for having this discussion here. Should this be discussed on a thread for comparing metal detectors. I would never say anything intentionally to offend any of my fellow members, and I am only hoping this is...
  19. 1

    Manticore vs Legend

    Its' really funny isn't it! However, the Joke is on you! You had inappropriately posted in the Nokta Legend forum! Perhaps, you still do not realize where you are! Look up above you! Main Comparison Detecting Forum. Is this really that hard to understand? ? ? There are sponsors that keep...
  20. 1

    Manticore vs Legend

    Upon contemplating (presently, all one can do is speculate?) the Manticore and it is allegedly 2D? To compare it to the Invenio is to factor technology of ratio to proportion of probability? That is perhaps the ultimate height of those in this hobby that are willing to spend the necessary funds...