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  1. B

    Eurotek Pro 8" paid for itself today

    Dug these things @ a 1930's school today. I think the ring will more than for the 8" Eurotek. It's very bulky & stamped 18K. Read "74" at 5" deep. Ya' gotta' dig those zinc penny sounds. I would assume the stones are real. The other ring is junk, the next thing I dug was the real one!
  2. B

    Eurotek Pro at the old House site

    There were two houses here on about 3/4 acre that were built in the late 1800's. The city burned the houses last year and I have hunted here several times in the last year. Nails and iron are everywhere, a real nightmare. Iron grunts on every swing. The little guy performed very well. I only dug...
  3. B

    First Day With The Eurotek Pro

    My first day with the Eurotek Pro. I sure love the audio on this machine. This is my first Teknetics & I'm impressed! This hunt was on a University campus dating to the 1850's. Lots of WIFI so I had to keep the sensitivity down around 6, Still plenty deep. Lots of clad, a 1951 Silver Quarter, a...
  4. B

    Eurotek Pro Arrived :smile:

    The Big Brown truck arrived with My 8" Eurotek Pro. Put it together it air tests very good. Got to go out for 5 minutes and the rain started:ranting: I did find 1 clad dime. I think I'm gonna like it!
  5. B

    Help with this one.

    I found this at on large property that once had to late 1800's houses. I don't think it is iron, it's was not rusty. Thanks for looking and any help!
  6. B

    Compadre in The Sports Field = Silver & Gold

    Silver Chain is marked .925. Gold bracelet is marked 14K. Ring is junk. Gotta luv the one knob wonder,Compadre:biggrin:
  7. B

    Vaquero Silver and Gold Look at this:clapping: dollar

    14k gold & Sterling pendants in the local sports field. 1936 wheat. Ever see a Canada dollar like this? The goose is cut out. It was about 10" down at an angle. Love my Vaquero. Thanks for looking!
  8. B

    Is the Safari a Dud?

    I have had my Safari about a year and a half. If I look at the E-Trac and Explorer forums most of the posts are about the great finds those users are making. If I look at the Safari / Quatro forums most posts are about issues/problems users are having. Is this telling us something???? My old...
  9. B

    Two More 40's today

    Both bounced between 39 and 40 but mostly 40.Both are marked 925. I had on the Minelab 8", man I love that coil! Odd I never dig aluminum cans reading 40. Most of the cans I dig read 32-35, like a zinc penny,but I can tell them right away by their "pinpoint size".
  10. B

    Last weekend at the Old School

    Searched the grade school I went to when I was a kid last weekend.I graduated from the 8th grade here in 1966. Most trash I have ever tried to hunt in! Short 2-3 foot sweeps give 5 or 6 iron hits. The Safari with the Sun Ray X-5 pulled 3 silver dimes, a D&P token,a dollar coin and some clad...
  11. B

    Darn It !

    Went out in the trash with the Safari today. Had on the Sun Ray X-5. Found this really nice Lawnmower 6":minelab:
  12. B

    6" DD EXcelerator

    6" DD EXcelerator EQ 2 Pro Coil from Kellyco. Anybody using this coil on their Safari? Kellyco has it on sale for 109.95 plus shipping. Any good?
  13. B

    Safari Disappointing air test results

    Results of my Safari air test. Disappointing to say the least. This can't be right. Silver dollars have lower ID than a zinc penny???????????? Copper penny registers in the silver range and a silver dollar is in the copper range. The silver Dollar has a lower tone than a zinc penny!!!!!!!!!! Any...
  14. B

    New Safari........Yep, gotta Question:minelab:

    I've had my Safari about a month. It's my first Minelab, WOW:yikes: I'm impressed. My question is about manual sensitivity. I have red several posts about users setting it at 15-18. So far I'm not finding any spots where I can set it much over ten without low tone falsing. Lots of times I'm down...
  15. B

    I hate it when this happens

    Three weeks ago I bought a new Silver uMax. I really liked it. Sooooooooo I ordered a new Golden uMax. I got it last Wednesday I really, really liked it! It is raining today sooooo. I was browsing this great Forum and started reading all the posts about the Compadre. Mine will be here...
  16. B

    First hunt with my new Golden

    My new Golden Micromax is a keeper. Who said these aren't deep??? I picked up on the tones right away. This is the first silver I have found in 8 months! About 3 hours in a school I've been hunting for 20 years. This is a fun detector. I love how it pinpoints.
  17. B

    Second time out with the Silver uMax

    Today was my second time out with my new Silver uMax. Found a "Montblanc Silver Solitaire Ballpoint Pen" about 2" down in the tot lot chips. Perfect shape, stamped 925. Here's a link to the exact pen: A...
  18. B

    Won't stop RAINING !

    The guy in the "Brown Truck" brought me a brand new Scorpion (with both coils) yesterday! It has rained non stop since!! Posed' to rain all day tomorrow too!!!!!!! I love Oregon. Sure wanna try it out. Owned my last Garrett (been a Fisher guy) 15 years ago. I'm expecting great things. The...
  19. B

    Holy Grail 1916 D dime Found with CZ-3D !

    I'm in shock! Found last night with my Fisher CZ-3D in an old football field. I have not cleaned it, this is how it came out of the ground. I found the dime at night and it went in my pouch, didn't know what I had until I got home. This is one of those sites that drive detectors crazy. Tons of...
  20. B

    Unbelievable Fisher Find

    How do you explain this??? Saturday two weeks ago was my youngest/only daughters wedding day. The wedding was at 2:00. Well that gave me a few hours to detect if I got up before everyone else! Went to a local grade school with my Gold Strike to hunt the chips. First target was this 14k...