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Search results

  1. lammi

    More gold!!! Deus2!!! The new WSA2.

    I’ve started lowering my discrimination also, down to 4.0 now and can still here and identify most iron so may even go lower i beach hunt east coast beaches
  2. lammi

    My new Deaus 2

    Yup sold my Equinox as well , no regrets Was pleasantly surprised at how easy the menu was to navigate on Deus 2
  3. lammi

    Large 15" Coil ?

    I absolutely loved my sovereign GT with wot coil, they are awesome machines, got rid of it when I bought CTX and equinox 800 almost bought another one that was in new shape for sale But technology moves forward so it’s not about getting deeper it’s about getting smaller gold with better...
  4. lammi

    Great ear buds

    I just bought these after seeing this post they pair really fast , no sound from machine so it going through earbuds with headphone icon on problem is i cannot get sound on earbuds tried every long press , short press ect on earbuds still cannot get sound to them any help would be great ,and...
  5. lammi

    Coil covering

    I’m asking for my Excalibur but would possibly consider doing equinox as well i just had new coil not stock put on Excalibur and when i went to take of coil cover it turned into a wrestling match dont want to deal with that every time i get off Beach with stock coil i coated bottom with marine...
  6. lammi

    Is there any thing modern that compares to the SOV

    I had the solv. Gt and loved it but sold when i bought CTX and equinox , coil wire broke on Excalibur so i put waterproof headphones on equinox disappointed with equinox in water performance so now doing a total refurb on Excalibur so i can have it for water hunting solid performance that has...
  7. lammi

    Well decided to send in Excalibur old blue

    Needs new coil and seals, Bought it new many years ago i think this is3rd coil because of wire cracking now my straight shaft is literally worn out too i have the one that puts pod right under elbow , I’m looking at one that puts pod well above elbow up high like the look of over and under but...
  8. lammi

    Its sucks getting old....................................................

    I agree I crushed my left leg at 20 now 59 and been dealing with pain for years Worse thing is to stop moving Must exercise and move and will get better Just take it slow
  9. lammi

    Wow what a change

    Been on this forum 20 + years Big change, Finally was able to get logged back in Guess I shouldn’t have stayed away so long. HH to all
  10. lammi

    Excalibur Service

    Have a 1000 blue Excalibur Last yr I brought it out and in chest deep water found a 14k 41 gram necklace When I was out noticed I was chasing ghosts signals A week later I saw coil wire was cracked I had Kellyco put Harold’s water resistant headphones on it so don’t think Minelab will do...
  11. lammi

    Daytona beach

    Want to get different opinions I've hunted Daytona for yrs Last few have really been bad Hunt waste deep and wet sand I use to find 15 rings a month on average now lucky to find one a month Anyone hunting deeper water Nothing shallow Have CTX. Excalibur. Sov GT Thanks for info, Lammi
  12. lammi

    Selling gold

    is arg refinery still around unable to find Also Midwest is not paying as much as it use to and now wants your personal info Where is a good place to sell scrap Did well with ARG ??
  13. lammi

    Holmes beach Sarasota

    Will. BE going to Holmes beach in Sarasota Never been there Anyone hunt there Anyone hunt there I have hunted Daytona over 20 years really slow now Returned 14k white gold band last weekend first gold in a while Looking forward to different beach Any tips on this beach. Have Excalibur Sol Gt...
  14. lammi

    Ctx batt

    Went out today used same settings as last time Used about 25% of batt on 4hr hunt last time out Checked batt was at 3/4 when I started hunt on beach today Lots of coin digs When I got to spot I wanted to hunt at lowest tide 2 hrs into hunt noticed I was in red on batt indicator This machine is a...
  15. lammi

    First time out with 17x13 coil

    Just received new coil and took to beach noticed it dose false more than smaller coil but after noise cane did work better For some strange reason it seemed to stabilize after a couple of hrs out Falsing seemed to be numbers under 1200 and almost always on far left side of screen on good side...
  16. lammi


    Want to get 17 x 13 coil for beach Any suggestion on best place to look for best deal Thanks
  17. lammi

    Maiden voyage

    Took to beach 4 hours Great machine cannot get over how stable it is even in knee deep water or waves washing over coil Found one gold earring and 2 silver ones one of the silver was Very deep Use to Excalibur and solv GT nulling and some falsing as I run them hot Different with such a stable...
  18. lammi

    New 3030

    I just put together my ctx 3030 and all went well till I by luck took off cover and found where to attach my waterproof headphones Now not sure how to plug brass hole where headphones would go if I were not using waterproof headphones They give u a plug for where I have headphones plugged in but...
  19. lammi


    Have found 2 gold and 3 silver so far this week , dug a earring deeper than would be believed so I wont even say Beach here in Daytona has not started cranking yet but next month should be in full swing It's funny how your perception can change , I dug so many bobby pins this morning i got...
  20. lammi


    My Sov. GT started falseing so I pulled Aqastar out of closet, Was using wot coil on sov. and the way i had Aquastar turned to work in waves thought that I was getting deep as with sov, , Now I tuned aquastar very hot for beach and very happy to be back with pi again, forgot how much fun it was...