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Search results

  1. J

    Teknetics S/T

    The S/T's downfall was they e were advertised to be waterproofed but leaked like a sieve. I should have never used it in the water. but on land it was a real performer. probably one of the top ten that I have ever used.
  2. J

    How old constitutes Vintage anyway?

    Vintage is really in the eye of the beholder. some wine taste better the older they get. some women look a lot better at 40 than at 20. some drivers prefer a manual shift or over an automatic. and some like the early cars over the modern ones. the vintage detectors are more sturdy. and will...
  3. J

    Vintage Fisher.

    It is heavy compared to other detectors of that era. in a few weeks you may have biceps like Popeye!
  4. J

    Whites "Flagship" Detector ?

    All eras of metal detecting had a flagship detector. I would say that the Whites Supreme V which was the first VLF detector deserves to be up there. once it was on the market. all of the other manufacturers clamored to develop their version of the VLF detector. which eventually became the VLF/TR.
  5. J

    Hi. Anybody here use a 24k

    It should also be good for relics. coins and jewelry.
  6. J

    Wilson Detectors

    The brown Nautilus machines are not as desirable as the DMC units. and being of the bow handle type are a lot heavier and awkward to swing. so you did good to leave them.
  7. J

    Wilson Detectors

    Your RCIV looks like a prototype.
  8. J

    Wilson RC IV.

    Can you post a pic of the Wilson with the large coil? most I know have a coil that is about 7.25 inches in diameter. so a larger coil is not seen very often.
  9. J

    Wilson Detectors

    I have had all the of the Wilson's at one time or the other. I am currently looking for a coil for the R&C series.
  10. J

    I am not a moderator on any Findmall Forums

    So what has changed with the new forum?
  11. J

    I am not a moderator on any Findmall Forums

    I thought that Vlad was the moderator here?
  12. J

    Wilson coil compatibility?

    looking over some of my old looks like at one time I had the Wilson 710 and also a Whites 4900. I tried the 4900 coil on the Wilson. from my notes and from my worked good in all metal.....not so good in discriminate. this may help those who have a Wilson with coil...
  13. J

    Wilson VLF 710

    after about 30 years I acquired another VLF 710. this one needs repair. taking it apart to double check any obvious problems I noticed that it does not have the inner foil shield that my other VLF 710 has. since I do not have both of them running I cannot compare. but wondering what advantage or...
  14. J

    Prices shot up :surrender:

    I believe that the shootin up of prices for Tesoros is temporary. I have seen this before with D-Tex...Teknetics...Compass and so on. Many are getting rid of their Tesoros already they are paranoid of no company to back up their detector. to me it does not matter...
  15. J

    fun with BFO

    I have used BFO's for years back in the 1970's. they have a pleasant tone. although depth is not good they seem to find things that the newer detectors seem to miss.
  16. J

    Teknetics S/T

    I have the Tek Turbo. very good depth and very versatile.
  17. J

    How many still use a vintage classic detector from the 70's-80's?

    I still use my Garrett Gold Hunter. I use the 7.5 inch coil and get around 8 inches in depth. very good for hunting relics. I hunt in the all metal mode and switch to the discriminate mode while hunting.
  18. J

    Does anyone recall the BFO made in the VLF range?....

    I came across this in one of the other threads but it was titled "Does anyone recall the BFO made in Louisianna that worked in the VLF range?" I did some research and this is what I found out. There was a BFO that ran at 10KHZ which is in the VLF range but it was made in New Mexico by BCE, Inc...
  19. J

    A.H. Nugget

    Looking for any info on the above detector. Especially looking for any product reports or advertising from any of the old treasure mags. If anyone can help me pinpoint a particular treasure mag with this info, I need the month and year. Thanks.