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Search results

  1. vito

    Winter hunt and returned cell phone.....

    Hey Mike, WTG ! (y) And like I always say, time with your family IS the biggest treasure one can get. All the Best to you and your family, blessings.
  2. vito

    Frequency offset vs depth

    Been there, done that. And it is as you described, using the same settings but different frequencies will cause a coin is detected at different depth. And, the coil style (DD / con) also takes effect to freq./coin depth, but here in I think ground balance has it's place, too. Never thought...
  3. vito

    A question for you folks

    I've never felt like my hobby was a waste of time and neither is digging for rubbish as it's part of the hobby. With most detectors, it's easy to distinguish between ferrous and nonferrous objects, so ferrous has never been an issue for me, even with Fisher's CZ. Depending on the environment I...
  4. vito

    Which is todays best larger coil for the V3i?

    Congrats on the new machine and welcome to the Spectra-Club. The Arrow is a great coil with superb target separation and pinpoint is dead on. As I wrote above it is limited in depth, but for only 4 inch width it IS really deep. I use this coil for larger areas and fast ground covering. Best of...
  5. vito

    Which is todays best larger coil for the V3i?

    Wow, that sounds great and I think you will make some great finds. Personally I also like the Detech "Arrow", but it is limited in depth. If all settings are done and in mild soil it will give 8 inches; but ground covering is great. Good Luck and have fun.
  6. vito

    Which is todays best larger coil for the V3i?

    Hello. Think the 13" Detech DD will do a great job. If the area isn't that trashy the Super 12 concentric can be great, too, but depending on the detection field of the DD-coil I'd go for the Detech. The question is, how deep do you want to detect?
  7. vito

    White's Electronics Forum?

    I hear you, #1Leatherneck. And I think your V3i will serve you well. Same here with my VX3. The display gives you tons of information about the target; not that much the V3i gives, but more than the modern competitors will do. May be I can get my hands on a V3(i) bargain with some luck. Good...
  8. vito

    White's Electronics Forum?

    The better White's forum was hosted here on Find's Treasure Forums when White's supported this site. More & better Information with all the tips & hints to get the most out of your White's detector without all the B$ some of the "super moderators" on the Sweet Home Forum had to share. It was...
  9. vito

    It is with a heavy heart I make this post...........

    Now that are sad nwes, Mike. Now Ma Betty takes a seat next to the Lord and His angels and will watch all her beloved and try to keep them safe. Condolences to her family and may the Lord give them strength. R.I.P. Ma Betty
  10. vito

    Taking others with you Metal Detecting

    No one was pointed out. Just my thoughts on friendship. If you feel guilty, then so be it. There's an old saying: "If you like these shoes, you have to walk in them." Happy holidays to you too, and may the Lord bless you for your kindness.
  11. vito

    Taking others with you Metal Detecting

    Hmm... Friendship IS a great treasure, as is spending time with a friend. And if that friend has the same hobby, great. I think, would I go to the hunting ground alone? Why not share that time in the car and in the field with my friend? Do you value this friendship in gas money? Wow, how...
  12. vito

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    So it will be. That is why the TRX is in use here. ;) :cool:
  13. vito

    Maybe you were there

    Nice story, and yes, it was a sad day when I found out that they fired all their employees.
  14. vito

    Update on Ma Betty......

    Hello Mike. Thanks for the update. Prayers for Ma are sent. God bless her and you and all the good people.
  15. vito

    Prayer request.........

    Prayers sent. Blessings
  16. vito

    CZ7a-Quicksilver repair

    That is what I found long time ago. Hopefully that helps a little. GL & HH
  17. vito

    Whites "Flagship" Detector ?

    This is from their 2019 catalog, nothing else to say... ;):):whites:
  18. vito

    Dry Ground

    Hi Searchin'south. So may be this is a little more helpful for you . Mr. Howard from White's Electronics is doing a great job to explain the MX7. Have fun watchnig the vid on YT. GL & HH
  19. vito

    Dry Ground

    I'd suggest you to read the manual pg.14/15: TRACK