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Search results

  1. ironman200081

    Tek Point Pinpointer noise

    I have a backup pulse induction pinpointer that will make my CTX go crazy if I point it towards the coil. Is your Tek Point a pulse?
  2. ironman200081

    Changing the CTX Brake Pads

    I have had my CTX since Memorial Day 2012, and the shaft cam locks ("brake pads") have finally worn themselves down that it is affecting my happiness while detecting. The lower rods barely hit the sidewall with the cam lock engaged, causing the coil to wobble and rotate as it pleases. This is...
  3. ironman200081

    Hit Big Silver

    I was over 100 yards away at the time, and I knew by his "pimp stroll" that he had something good. We had just talked about half dollars a few weeks earlier, and moreb said that he had only found one Franklin. Well, make that TWO now. The fact that he picked this one out THAT deep, and in an...
  4. ironman200081

    Copying error ?

    Hmmm, I'm not sure. You'll have to send me the LAT/LON of some of your most productive sites so I can analyze.... But seriously, I have never received that error in my 10 years of using the CTX.
  5. ironman200081

    Where are all the CTX users?

    Job well done! You need to develop a gold dance for future gold finds, or at least a loud gold holler. I had no idea you struck gold until we were leaving for lunch.
  6. ironman200081

    with regrets, I sold my CTX3030 after 11 months.

    Sorry to see you go. The harness was hard for me at first, too, but I am quite used to it now. If that is not your jam, then you were wise to move on to a lighter machine.
  7. ironman200081

    Under water detecting question

    My machine has been out of warranty for 7 years, so I have no recent experience with this. But I do dunk the coil when the opportunity arises. I do not do any noise cancels under the water.
  8. ironman200081

    Old building tear down

    Small coil, low and slow. In a site like this, I would use a mostly-open pattern in combine with everything FE 32 and higher discriminated out.
  9. ironman200081

    Finally received my ctx

    Welcome to the cool kids table!
  10. ironman200081

    Where are all the CTX users?

    Those old videos are still relevant. There is no magic "turn on and go" setting for every environment for the CTX. Due to its highly customizable and complex features, it will take trial and error for you to figure out what settings work best for you in your dirt. When you get your coil over...
  11. ironman200081

    Multi target hole madness

    Yes! This is one of the best features of the CTX. I enjoy watching it "tell" me that I have multiple targets under coil.
  12. ironman200081

    Got Caught Ogling

    Pimp walk??! Well, you're not wrong there.
  13. ironman200081

    target trace question

    Sizing for sure, and have since the bet.
  14. ironman200081

    target trace question

    I believe you are correct, at least for the CTX. The target trace shows the "intensity" of the signal by the Fe-CO numbers plotted on the two-dimensional axis. Solid, dark red indicates a high likelihood that the target is displaying the Fe-CO numbers that are plotted. Sporadic, lighter colors...
  15. ironman200081

    Got Caught Ogling

    Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I went out on a short early morning hunt again at the same spot. No wheats or Civil War stuff, but I did find two more silver dimes! Both had nails next to them that distorted the signals. The Merc was a 12-45 one way but a 12-40 when turning 90 degrees. The...
  16. ironman200081

    Got Caught Ogling

    I use a different pattern for the deep coins, not the one shown. The good stuff at this place is in the 6-7 inch deep range. Also, this setup is 50 tone. My deep setting is combined, and mostly an open screen. In my dirt and my hunting style, my park pattern posted above is the best setup in...
  17. ironman200081

    Got Caught Ogling

    I don't have an image, but it was tighter. I had more area rejected, and I ran deep on. I do not use deep on in high trash. Yes, my soil is very mild. Good ole sandy loam and glacial till where I dig. When I travel to Southern Missouri with the mineralized dirt, I use a different pattern.
  18. ironman200081

    Got Caught Ogling

    I hope the Manticore release helps lower the resale price for the CTX! I have been wanting to pick up a back up, but their secondhand prices are still very high.
  19. ironman200081

    Got Caught Ogling

    I have spent the past week-plus investigating the Manticore. I have read everything I could and watched all the videos (the Lawrie field tests and the speculation/talking heads). Like when the Equinox came out, I am trying to see if this new machine will be worth the jump from the CTX. As I ogle...