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Search results

  1. J

    How much is a etrac with warranty till 2021 worth?

    I recently purchased a etrac used,original buyer purchased mar 29,2018 he never registered it so I did and it has a warranty till mar 29 2021.looks and works brand new and I mean brand new,headphones never used at all and i haven't even used the detector myself besides air testing in hotel...
  2. J

    Sensitivity on the equinox

    I usually run 20 in towns and in noisy dirt I have turned it down to 18 when it's to chatty.what do you all run and has anyone confirmed any depth with sense below 20 and real world digs? Thanks
  3. J

    Wireless phones for multi kruzer

    Do bluetooth phones work or the stock the only ones? If anyone knows of a better pair and where to buy them I'd really appreciate it! Thanks fellas
  4. J

    Waterproof headphones!?

    Does anyone know if there are waterphones that can be used or when they are coming out with some? If you do please explain how,which phones and if a adapter is needed and what kind of adapter thanks!
  5. J

    Searcher mag equinox screen cover

    Has anyone ordered one and recieved it? I ordered one two weeks ago and nothing,no tracking all I got was a order number which I've used to email them with no luck on a reply!? Let me know if yall have ordered one
  6. J

    One button on old farm hour hunt with 800 and a baby in a pouch.

    Do any of y'all know anything about age of this flatty? Says gold in one spot of course I know it's not gold.anyway had about a hour and my 10 month old daughter strapped on me her mommas at work,hit a 24 sounded small thought it was a coin for sure and you can tell 24 cans from coins,buttons at...
  7. J

    What would y'all choose,deus lite,impact or multi kruzer and why?

    I don't really have specific needs I just want a great second machine that's a good all around waterproof is always great and obviously the kruzer is.i prefer relic hunting so let me know what y'all think as I have a budget around the cost of these and want the best bang for my buck.thanks
  8. J

    My finds from general Wilson's raiders,north alabama

    Only two for me and two for my buddy,glad to have dig these! Denied,denied,denied goes the permissions but one ol'timer let us go in a tiny spot he said he dug two not one but two buckles 10 years ago.anyway I dug the 69.,Spencer my buddy Spencer and? Anyone know what the far right one is? Happy...
  9. J

    First hunt found a king George 3

    My and a friend went yo a yard we've hit twice in tuscumbia al it's a tough yard signals aren't great and it's littered with nail fragments in red clay.i set the machine up like calabash and well I really like it I'm confident with it for sure and need a lot more time on it.its alot different...
  10. J


    What should it be set to for everyday coin hunting or redlic?
  11. J

    Equinox coil cover

    Are y'all keeping it on or not? I don't prefer it on but when I took it off it doesn't look as solid as my at pro coil!?
  12. J

    Equinox 800 headphone conection

    Can you pair without wm08?