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  1. V

    Well here's something I just found out today when I called to get an update on my cz20 repair..

    Maybe Felix went to Garrett......their in the same state. It seems Garrett is the only detector company that still has outstanding customer support.
  2. V

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    I hope they don't follow Tesoro and Whites. When you stop producing new technology detectors, other companies such as Nokia/Makro and others are happy to fill the gap. I love my Fisher and Teknetic machines. It seems like it been 10 years since anything new has been produced by them.
  3. V

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    While I do love my F75, T2 and G2, why isn't First Texas producing anything new ?
  4. V

    AT Max Replacement Shaft

    Does anyone know of an aftermarket rod with a pistol grip for the AT Max?
  5. V

    GTI 2500

    Looking to buy a new GTI. I am also considering a At Max and Apex.
  6. V

    GTI 2500

    I'm thinking about getting one. I know they are heavy by today's standard. Looking to use for relic hunting and coin shooting. I really like the bell tone on coin sized objects. Would an AT Max or Apex be better ?
  7. V

    GTI 2500

    Does anyone still use a 2500 machine ?
  8. V

    Minelab ETRAC

    Has Minelab stopped making the ETRAC ?
  9. V

    Fisher 1270

    Anyone still swinging the 1270 ?
  10. V

    White's Electronics Forum?

    When they announced they were closing the plant I asked about their forum staying open. Someone said it would stay open but now I wonder......sad to see the end !
  11. V

    DFX - still using it??

    Just purchased one from EBAY. After I cleaned it up, I tested it in my coin garden. Beautiful clean smooth operation. It is sounding off loud and clear on 10 inch nickles.
  12. V

    Anderson AT Pro/Max Rod

    Has anyone switched to the Anderson rod set up. I'm having a difficult time seeing my Max screen due to the odd angle. The Anderson rod fixes that problem but is the price of 200.00 worth it? Thanks for your input ! Mark
  13. V

    F75 vs Simplex+

    I have both detectors. The F75 is a great machine in every way as has already been stated. The Simplex has great depth, ergonomics and very crisp tones. For the money, the Simplex can't be touched. I guess NOKTA knew this would be the death blow to many of their competition.....and it has. Just...
  14. V

    White's Service

    I spoke to Whites the week they announced their manufacturing was ceasing. I actually had my V3! there for a screen replacement and was concerned. I spoke to several folks on the call. All were very professional. I also purchased a new MX Sport in March and was concerned about the warranty. They...
  15. V

    Who will acquire Whites ?

    Garrett and First Texas I believe are it. I remember when Fisher folded......then First Texas picked them up. If these two companies aren't careful, we'll be buying all our detectors from overseas.
  16. V

    Who will acquire Whites ?

    What company do you think will take over Whites?
  17. V

    Whites Phone Message

    Called Whites yesterday afternoon during business hours. After going through all the prompts, the announcement was "Whites is closed". It was hard to hear but true. I have used Whites since the 1970's.
  18. V

    Garrett GTI 1500

    I have a 2500 and could never part with it. The first one I owned had treasure talk and I found that to be interesting. Just purchased a new one last Dec 2019. It is so simple to use and I have heard it was Charles Garrett's favorite machine. Yep, its heavy but I still love it. In my younger...
  19. V

    Whites closing their plant.

    I called Whites today because I sent in my V3I for repair. I explained I had just purchased a new MX Sport and inquired about the warranty. Jack told me that Bob at Centerville Electronics in Virginia will do warranty work.
  20. V


    Before the pandemic I actually traded in my foreign made machines for new Made In The USA detectors. I had a problem getting a very simple part from a certain Turkish company. The so called repair center here was no help. This changed my mind that a simple part could not be easily gotten. Now...