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Search results

  1. B

    New multi frequency machine

    Anyone here know if Minelab has such a broad patent on MF technologies, that the delay in releasing NM's new SMF machine could be due to legal dispute?
  2. B

    where is the Sovereign users

    Congratulations Ron, on passing the FCC exam. Have you decided on a rig and antenna(s) yet? If you're working HF, we can probably sched a contact on one of the low bands.
  3. B

    where is the Sovereign users

    Yea, ham 'n eggs sounds good to me too, but to get a back on topic, here's a very good video on what the threshold tone is telling you.
  4. B

    New multi frequency machine

    Very nice update on the SMF machine. I can hardly wait for it. But I will!!
  5. B

    where is the Sovereign users

    Good to see we have a few other Ham Radio Ops here. Got my Novice class in 1958 and General Class a year later. Then in 1961 or 2, went up the FCC field office again, and got the Advanced Class. Got busy with life and didn't go for the last upgrade to Extra, which I COULD still do now, but have...
  6. B

    A little R and R

    WTG Jeff, and also ToneTime. Nice finds, and in good condition.
  7. B

    Red Racer not turning on ?

    Check those batteries and terminals again, and do you have a battery checker, to be sure they will put out under load. Is there a power-on reset feature of the machine? Try to power on push and hold the power on button for 10 seconds, or ?? Is the coil cable connection good? Maybe try removing...
  8. B

    First time out with the simplex!

    Thanks, TT. Very good explanation. I wish I could help with the settings on the Kruzer, but I have never used one. Maybe you should start a thread just with that question.
  9. B

    First time out with the simplex!

    Nice job with the Simplex. So since you have a Kruzer (not Multi?), I would like to ask what made you decide to buy a Simplex too. Does one complement the other in certain kinds of detecting? Now that you have both, if you had to choose one over the other, which would it be? Or is this too soon...
  10. B

    Heck! my Simplex Broke

    They absolutely set the bar on best quality customer service. Fantastic!!
  11. B

    Will Bluetooth earbuds work with the Deus/ORX ???

    Aren't "low latency" bluetooth headphones OK?
  12. B


    willy, I know your Q is directed to BassTM, and I am very interested in what he chose, but I think one something like Low latency B.T. transmitter would work. I just goog'd "low latency blue tooth for wired headphones", and came up with several.
  13. B

    Had A Strange Dig

    OK, regarding my reply to RLOH... duh! The light just went on... of course, cut 3 sides and hinge on the 4th. Of course. I need another cup of coffee.
  14. B


    willy, then I am probably mistaken about that. I was recalling from (my very old) memory, and I do not have a Simplex now, to even check. So if the Hi/Lo volume isn't showing when paired with the Nokta Green wireless, and you have the volume all the way up to 4 bars, then you have it at the max...
  15. B

    wish nokta would make a pinpointer that

    What I don't like about the Nokta pinpointer is the fact that it does not detect gold chain very well, if al all. I'm not talking about something huge or bold, but smaller gold chains or even a gold/diamond wedding ring. Not a peep, even touching the pinpointer tip to the ring. My old (black)...
  16. B

    Had A Strange Dig

    It could likely be that the previous guy found a target, retrieved it, and didn't check for any others. Always pays to re-scan the hole (and plug), but newbies might not think of this. BTW, regards to your signature plug, I am trying to picture it, but I keep getting hung up on the 3 sided...
  17. B


    You most likely already know this, but FWIW, the Green wireless headphone volume in the Simplex detector has 4 levels of LOW volume, and another 4 levels of HIGH volume. Are you are setting the Hi volume to the highest setting?
  18. B

    Simplex or Apex?

  19. B

    Small lot = Merc.

    Good day, and that Merc is in really nice condition.
  20. B

    where is the Sovereign users

    Rick, another Sovereign user here. I've had a few of them (main, and backups). Sold the BNIB backup some years ago, as I never had a problem with a Sovereign to worry about it. I use it everywhere except in the surf; I've got a CZ-20 for that, and I'm not taking chances of it getting a salt...