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    O.C.Md beach, Replenished?

    Hey there Hunter12, I do know there was heavy equipment on coin beach (Indian River inlet) pushing sand around about 3 weeks ago. I hunted on the south side of the inlet and found little.It was or seemed pretty sanded in. Good luck with you hunt and Happy Thanksgiving!!
  2. S

    Question about beach finds

    Oh, I don't know, maybe I found a big ole diamond ring and was on the fence about turning it in. Lol, just because YOU think something in YOUR head doesn't necessarily make it so.
  3. S

    Question about beach finds

    Lol, the story was told to me on the beach by another hunter genius. Sorry I forgot the quotation marks..... I relayed the story here to get feedback from others as I had a hard time believing what the guy was telling me.
  4. S

    Question about beach finds

    Wow, the audacity of some never ceases to amaze me.. But Aaargh. 😃 that was a great story OldBeechnut !! Thanks for sharing...
  5. S

    What has been your # 1 detector in years passed

    Mostly beaches so Sovereign for me too...owned em all xs2 is my favorite
  6. S

    Sense of humor

    Hello All, I was at the beach this morning, low tide. Dug a bunch of targets. Nothing special but play close attention to the washer. I was using a pi machine so digging everything. Somebody out there has a wicked sense of humor 😃 HH
  7. S

    Bit of gold with the AQ LTD

    Wow, nice gold tvr... gotta love that. lol, and you sure killed it in the sun glass department. HH Bill
  8. S

    Question about beach finds

    Its all good brother, we (or at least I do) still live in America....we are all still entitled to our own opinions... HH Bill
  9. S

    Question about beach finds

    So for clarity, it was a story told me by another hunter on the beach, I didnt have the interaction with the police. Further, I personally, dont typically post my finds or do I brag about them. Also, I record all my beach combing on a go pro I attach to the minelab harness I wear. Reason...
  10. S

    Question about beach finds

    Yep , Roger that Jeff. That's how I operate as well. Thanks for your input... HH
  11. S

    Question about beach finds

    Hello All, It's been awhile since I've posted here. I'm looking for some feedback about finds on the beach. So, I'm walking out on a beach, in Delaware, a few days back to take the explorer for a walk. I see a fellow hunter and stop to have a chat. He tells me this story. " A few days back, I...
  12. S

    Bad news. Detectorist dies in Lake Tahoe

    I hope when I go, I'm going something I love..... Rest in peace bro
  13. S

    V3 upgrade

    but it was only a two day differance, I was ok with that. Tickled to death that they replaced the headphones with new. Plus, they were getting ready to relocate their operation. They fit me nicely into a window of oppourtunity, prior to their move. Thanks again BOB..... Bill Tracy
  14. S

    V3 upgrade

    I sent my Vision to them and it was exactly a 10 day turn around. It would have been quicker but they were waiting for wireless earphones as mine were bad and they were out of them. I am very pleased with Bob and his crew. Extremely helpful, quick to reply to my emails and accomodating. Thank...
  15. S

    The Ringmaster

    Hello All I wanted to share a good day at the beach with you all. So typically I will hunt the beach as often as I can. Its not near as much as I would like. However, when I can, I will roam the wet sand,with my machine,zigzagging back and forth trying to find what I call the drop line...
  16. S

    Beach Hunting

    Beep is your 12" coil V rated? If not how much of an inconvienance is a non V rated Super 12" coil. I have an oppourtunity to trade for a non V rated Super 12. I am not too familiar with the TX boost issue (reading up on it now). Not sure if I would eventually regret not getting the V rated coil.
  17. S

    Beach Hunting

    Hi Larry Thanks for the response. I know they do cover alot of ground fast. Dont see them listed much though. I am keeping my eye open for one however.
  18. S

    Beach Hunting

    Hi Beep Thanks for responding. What sort of depth were you getting with the 12" coil ?
  19. S

    Beach Hunting

    Hello all, Well after much debate (internal and with the wife, lol) , lurking and reading a ton of your posts I have purchased a Vision. I received it Monday and immediately sent it and the headphones to Virginia for the updates. I was told about a week turn around once received. I primarily...