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    Equinox 600 and 800 on sale everywhere!

    All I did was reply to another non related detecting reply.So you needed to pick me out. You must be the New moderator here or the new Town Crier... Who died and made you Boss? HA
  2. S

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    One of my Favorites is the Pocket Uni-probe. It's pulse inductive and has good depth. Not many left out there I'm sure. The company that made them is No Longer and if needing repair I'd think you're SOL!!! they also made these in a Headphone set. I also own 2 Original Garrett pin pointers like...
  3. S

    CZ7a-Quicksilver repair

    If I remember correctly, Fisher no longer has parts for these Cz's. You'd probably have to find another one or find another non working Cz and see if those parts can get your detector back in the game. My suggestion being a cz3d user back when is to search for a New Detector. Yes, Cz's were and...
  4. S

    Equinox 600 and 800 on sale everywhere!

    God Luck with that. Obama's 3rd Term with Demented Joe at the Helm has Crushed America.
  5. S

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    Fisher's flopping like a fish out of water... Don't hold your breath. silverseeker 2
  6. S

    GTI 2500

    Skip the Garrett 2500 machine. Many much better Units out there for less money and Better features. The 2500 is Way Over priced compared to what's being Sold in the Market these days. Do yourself a Favor and skip on the 2500 and save some Serious money. JMHO silverseeker 2
  7. S

    CZ-3d gone?

    Great unit the Cz3d is!!! Gone but not forgotten as the old saying goes. They made some really Hot ones and those were the ones to have and keep.Still have one in the Closet that hits 11.3 inches certified by Tom D. Should have kept my 1rst Original one though as she was getting near 13 inches...
  8. S

    If you own a Fisher Coinstrike then you know this one is hard to come by.

    Nice Score on an almost impossible item to find or Buy. I have one brand new in packaging that I bought to use with my never used by me minty Coinstrike and the Fisher ID Edge. These two machines were developed by the same person. Same guy who I believe made the Terrasacci or something like...
  9. S

    Is Ft still in the detector business

    No problem my friend. Wish you the Best! silverseeker 2
  10. S

    Is Ft still in the detector business

    Sorry BOSS, My post and auto pilot42 's post aren't even alike. Sorry you need the need to correct me. Happy Hunting and have a BANNER YEAR!!! silverseeker 2
  11. S

    Is Ft still in the detector business

    I wouldn't even Consider them in the Detector business these days. The F75 was and is still a premium detector, but there is better and newer Models out there for Reasonable prices!!! Not knocking them but come on, there nothing but Crickets these days... silverseeker 2
  12. S

    CZ-70 Internal wiring help.

    Send an email to Tom Dankowski and maybe he could help you out. Most knowledgeable guy on the Cz's platform of detectors. Just a thought. Hope this can help you out... He's a Standup guy with a Wealth of knowledge!!! silverseeker 2
  13. S

    All found with the Vanquish 540. A week of hunting.

    Great week of detecting for ya. Congratulations and you earned it. Just goes to show ya the latest and greatest high priced units aren't what they're cracked up to be. You just Proved that. Looks like the Vanquish 540 does wonders on low Conductors. Were your finds all found at the same...
  14. S

    Garrett GTI 1500

    Yes, I bought one off Craigslist a few years ago in great shape. Took it to a neighbors house across the street that I hunted back when I first got into detecting. Pulled me out a Merc. dime that was missed. It was up close to a big tree with tiny steel metal landscaping spikes all around the...
  15. S

    Deeptech coils

    2 machines. The Vista X uses a totally different shape coil or you could also research operating frequencies for both machines and go from there... Hope this helps but I'm not familiar with Deep Tech equipment... silverseeker 2
  16. S

    Should this be a concern to Dues 2 owners

    I agree w/basstrackerman. XP makes QUALITY, and now it seems they've Stepped up big time. My Deus(3.2 vers.) was purchased in 2012 and batteries are still Kicking in all Components... Great machine!!! Have the original 9" coil. silverseeker 2
  17. S

    Things I've forgotten.

    This was an excellent read. Thanks for the Refresher Course . Lots of good information... silverseeker 2
  18. S

    Garett Freedom 2 Plus

    Really appreciate those that replied. Always enjoy hearing other Detectorists input and experiences. It's all part of "The Fever"... Happy New Years and hoping 2022 will be a Good one!!! silverseeker 2
  19. S

    Garett Freedom 2 Plus

    Looking on Chicago's Craigslist I saw this Garrett Freedom 2 plus. Went to look at it as it was a 15 minute drive from me. Upon arrival I met the Seller waiting in driveway. One of the Nicest old timers I 've ever met. We visited for an hour and a half. This Detector has Never been used...