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Search results

  1. HuntinDog

    bone conductive headphones

    Short answer ... No
  2. HuntinDog

    2022 Yearin Review Finds with the Deus 2

    Awesome finds Well done
  3. HuntinDog

    D2 Legs

    I built a pretty elaborate one for my Deus 1, On my Deus 2 I used a 5" piece of PVC and two caps and Zip tied it to the feet. Works fine.
  4. HuntinDog

    D2 Legs

    Just a poor design on their part.
  5. HuntinDog

    Mystery item

    Looks like a buckle shield
  6. HuntinDog

    smaller coil for the orx

    I have the 9x5 on my Deus I and it's a Lazer in trash.
  7. HuntinDog

    Five digit Sterling Silver marking?

    Do a search for 925 SI and you will see how it is used.
  8. HuntinDog

    Five digit Sterling Silver marking?

    I'm pretty sure that your mark is 925 SI .. which stands for sterling silver.
  9. HuntinDog

    XP Deus price

    Purchased new would be in the neighborhood of $2,000 +- So, selling used in good working order I would say around half $1,000 But, buying and selling are two different animals... So.....
  10. HuntinDog

    Not mechanical here…..

    Truck tire Valve stem
  11. HuntinDog

    The weirder, the better....

    Wife hid a couple of Diamond and Ruby cocktail rings when we went on vacation one time. Tore the house apart for 7 years looking for them and one day dumped out a crock full on antique kitchen ware to clean it and there they were. Keep looking they will be in the last place you look...
  12. HuntinDog

    Xp deus 1 waterproof case

    If you want to spend the bucks go to a dive shop or a cell phone waterproof case for most shallow water hunting.
  13. HuntinDog

    best frequency in clean water ??

    Lower for coins, Higher for gold
  14. HuntinDog

    ws6 fones with antenna ???doable ???

    I think it would work, but I think it would be cumbersome and you would have to find a way to keep it attached.
  15. HuntinDog

    XP hand book Andy Sabisch 5.2

    Put me on the list...
  16. HuntinDog

    ws6 fones with antenna ???doable ???

    Not sure I understand the question.
  17. HuntinDog

    gold coin found with deus 1 worth 540,000 pounds

    I found one of those... but mine was full of chocolate. :ROFLMAO:
  18. HuntinDog

    coin fast 15.2khz, 2 recovery, 11 dsc, 80 gain ORX

    Are you keeping the program a secret??
  19. HuntinDog

    usa cap badge id needed please , found in somerset , england

    A cap badge will have a center threaded stud and a small pin at the top to keep it from rotating.
  20. HuntinDog

    old coin die stamp

    Call it what you want... it's cool !