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Search results

  1. Coin Magnet

    1788 Vermont Colonial Copper

    I’m sure this is a 1788 Vermont Copper that I found on Sunday but I’m not sure of the variety. See my post in the Today’s Finds forum. Any ideas?
  2. Coin Magnet

    1788 Vermont Copper!

    A new detecting friend invited me to hunt a home site permission he has not too far from my house in central Illinois where he found some really cool old coins in the last few weeks. An 1818 large cent and another dateless Matron large cent. Also an awesome 1795 Washington Token! Unfortunately...
  3. Coin Magnet

    Nokomis, Illinois Area Hunters

    ’m trying to find hunters from around the Nokomis, Illinois area from the 60s up til now. Do you know of anyone who hunts in that area or wo has in the past 50 years? I know if one but he doesn’t know anyone else. Thanks.
  4. Coin Magnet

    Need A Bullet ID

    Down the road a mile is a former town site that has a huge amount of lead targets. I haven’t found anything like the one I posted here but could possibly the next time I’m there.
  5. Coin Magnet

    Need A Bullet ID

    I found it in a farm field in central Illinois where a church was supposedly located in 1912. Couldn’t find any evidence of the church and this was basically the only old thing I found.
  6. Coin Magnet

    Need A Bullet ID

    Thank you for the input!! I love these kind of mysteries!
  7. Coin Magnet

    Need A Bullet ID

    I was finally able to take measurements today. The top ring OD is .543-.547” and the bottom base is .533-.537”. The weight is 20 grams on my eBay scale.
  8. Coin Magnet

    Need A Bullet ID

    I’ll round up some calipers and a scale and let you know. Great responses!
  9. Coin Magnet

    Need A Bullet ID

    I hunted four hours pioneering two new permissions with my newbie cousin who just got his 800 and found only trash and one cool looking bullet. Wasn’t very impressive for the newbie lol. The good news is we think we now have over 2000 acres of new area to hunt. so now the research really...
  10. Coin Magnet

    Deep coins

    When you say “sound like iron” what do you mean? I hunt mainly fields as well and if I get a signal to shut off the threshold tone I call it iron and move on. If there is a coin mixed in it will have a short tone path that can be hard to figure out. And it’s especially hard when hunting a...
  11. Coin Magnet

    Deep coins

    I have had both so far.
  12. Coin Magnet

    Goodies From New Permissions

    A few goodies from recent permissions. I found the bottom part to an old lamp yesterday that sounded like a half or dollar that measured 2 feet down. Deepest one I have found so far with the 800. Amazingly it was a fairly strong signal. It’s a big decorative copper piece about the size of a...
  13. Coin Magnet

    Deep coins

    Actually that’s not true. Coins at the edge of the detectors capabilities with read all over the map. The one thing they won’t do is go negative. So when you hit those jumpy iffy barely recognizable signals, dig! I just dug my deepest quarter and it was just like that. Once I dug the hole the...
  14. Coin Magnet

    Deep Quarter

    This makes me rethink every place I have hunted.
  15. Coin Magnet

    Deep Quarter

    I took the 15” coil to the old field I have been hunting for the last week yesterday afternoon and picked up where I left off from the last hunt. Unfortunately I didn’t find any coins UNTIL I went back to “DIME LAND” where I found the three back to back Dimes two different times last week. Since...
  16. Coin Magnet

    Logging finds

    I use an Apache Open Office 4 spreadsheet. Dates in the left column. Types of coins and finds in the top row. Been using it for years. Works great.
  17. Coin Magnet

    Found My First Gold Coin!!

  18. Coin Magnet

    Lake Erie Beaches

    Has anyone hunted Lake Erie beaches west of Cleveland? I am going to be in the area today and I’m looking for suggestions.
  19. Coin Magnet

    Found My First Gold Coin!!

    What a great find! Congratulations! I think mine was also attached to a money clip. Did you find it in a park or a yard?
  20. Coin Magnet

    Found My First Gold Coin!!

    If you are in Moscow, Indiana yes!