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  1. D

    Hello I Have A F75 Question

    I have one. It's not much bigger or wider than the stock coil...actually just an inch or so longer and the same width. Where you notice the difference is in the weight. It is super light but the stock coil really wasn't that heavy. I didn't notice it being any deeper than the stock coil. If...
  2. D

    F75 All metal signal

    I had a Goldbug with the 5x10 coil and the 8x11 coil. I personally didn't jive well with it. I got it to basically just hunt iron patches with though. For me, the Omega 8000 handled the soil better. I never tried the Omega 8500 nor an Omega 8000 with the larger coils...that may actually be...
  3. D

    F75 All metal signal

    The updates and upgrades killed the all metal mode on the F75. The originals were the best. Even the 9.0 and 9.1 DST modes "off/on" pale in comparison to the older F75 all metal. And it's not measured in CM or MM either...more like several inches worth. On the older models, the motion all...
  4. D

    Deus II 9" or 11" coil

    I have the 11 and 9. I bought mine with the 11 and just recently added the 9 inch after giving up on waiting for an elliptical any time soon. I will say...mine is pretty much going to be married to the 9 inch from now on.
  5. D

    Detector Testers On you Tube are Going Nuts.

    I've been on the forums since the mid to late 1990s. Way before people started doing videos. This kind of thing has been around a long time. Some people are gullible and hang on every post by their favorites. And it didn't take manufactures long to exploit that avenue to their advantage. Some...
  6. D

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    I've had them all. The Garrett "carrot" will probably be the most popular. To me, they were too prone to falsing for my liking. My favorite is the TRX. Next would be the F-Pulse or TekPulse. I have the XP one for the Deus but use the TRX instead. It is too easy to change modes on the XP...
  7. D

    New 900 Info.

    You nailed it with your post...and I agree 100%. The 900 is everything the 800 should have been. Looks like Minelab definitely jumped in and addressed ALL the issues and complaints people had. I've never been more surprised from a expectations were that it wasn't going to be...
  8. D

    New Coiltek 10X5

    For those of you with both the Minelab 6" and the CoilTek 5x10...which is your preference and why? I've already got the 6" and not that impressed with it to be honest. I was wondering if the 5x10 and it were different enough to make it worthwhile to have especially with the holiday bundle they...
  9. D

    Minelab Equinox 700 / 900

    The dirt around here is highly mineralized and VDIs usually aren't accurate on any ID machine. Expanding the range is no doubt going to help some people that didn't like so many targets falling within the same range but I usually just dig everything non iron. I'm more than happy with all the...
  10. D

    Minelab Equinox 700 / 900

    My 900 came this morning. I was pleasantly surprised at just how much has changed from the 800 physically. Every little nitpick and gripe I had about the 800 has been addressed and in big ways. The shafts, arm rest, grip, are ON POINT. Mine came with the battery really low so it is charging...
  11. D

    Detectors unfinished before release

    I think it would be next to impossible to fully test prototype machines in the wild, in world wide conditions, and get accurate data. You would be limited to one or two trusted individuals per area that would abide by NDAs and not blab everything to their buddies, social media, or somewhere...
  12. D

    Loss Of Depth In Fertilized Farm Fields ?

    Here's my thoughts on it. A lot of fields are fertilized with animal poop and pee. Which in turn, is loaded in salt. Now a little salt probably doesn't matter but if that field has been fertilized for decades, then you have a high salt content going into it. Then when it gets wet...well...
  13. D

    D2 Update # 7 is now available

    Heck I'm amazed to find people still use computers instead of phones and tablets! I've not had a need for a computer in years. Even with a full YouTube channel.
  14. D

    D2 Update # 7 is now available

    I always had trouble with Apple products syncing with other products anyway. The last one I had was the 12 Pro Max and I will never have anything Apple again. That one did it for me.
  15. D

    Equinox VS Explorer..

    Here's mine of the Tarsacci on a relic hunt last week. I did video one signal comparison between the Tarsacci and Equinox, it is towards the end and was the deepest bullet found that day.
  16. D

    New CTX 3030 Program

    Wowziers...excellent job!
  17. D

    Aftermarket shafts. What you got ? Like it ?

    Detect Ed on mine. I hate it. Only thing I like about it is the red color.
  18. D

    Pyramid fishing sinkers

    If any of you guys have a collection of those pyramid fishing sinkers that you've found beach hunting, kept, and might part with, let me know. I'm interested in buying a big lot of them. I usually find several of them while beach hunting myself while on vacation, so I figured you guys that...
  19. D

    AT Max tips

    I have read a lot about the AT Max having a scratchy/buzz sound on the tones. The AT Pro has a much cleaner sounding audio to it. I noticed the same thing on the Max. I figured out it is coming from the wireless headphones. I don't have a headphone adapter to try other phones but I do have...
  20. D

    Fe low do you normally go?

    Just out of curiosity sake, how low do you guys normally run your Fe line when out searching? Do you stick close to factory defaults or have you altered it quite a bit? I'm finding myself to more the less be running open screen and just using tone bin profiles instead of actual discrimination...