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  1. F

    Unmarked Oval Plate

    Virginia produced unmarked "sheet brass buckles ", the clipped corner and oval, in order to fill the need of many plates quickly in the Civil War. Your friends looks right for the period considering the rear attachments were soft soldered like the Va variants.
  2. F

    Old house site find today...

    Great button Crawford !! Remember reading that this variant was found on one of Lee's jackets.
  3. F

    big coil for gpx 4500 and battery

    15'" DD is the way to go for your type of relics, whether you choose Minelab's Commander (my preference), or Detech' coils, both perform very well on all target sizes ;)
  4. F

    Only found 3 things this trip

    Nice button, nice bullet and a great plate, those 3 have it covered.
  5. F

    Rumors of new machines.

    Minelab's Manticore has of lot of its features, they're getting close. Agree, they could easily be the competition if they brought one to the field with todays frequency preferences and simultaneous operation. I'm trying to wait.
  6. F

    Carbine sling buckle

    Nice !! Interesting size variant, this may be Confederate, can we see the back ?
  7. F

    Union cuff

    Nice ! Its a Staff Officers button.
  8. F

    Deepest program for XP deus 2

    Deepest ? As boring as it sounds on the latest greatest SMF, while hunting for whats usually seems to be the deepest targets, Colonial/Civil War, I find that program #7 Deus Mono at 17khz gets the best punch in the ground inland, while testing on live faint targets.
  9. F

    XP Deus II WS6 Master $899 for Dry Land Users.

    Maybe the puck will stay attached better than that remote. Got to play with the D2 for a while, bout 40 hours on it, and that remote constantly pops off, so another consideration. Sticking with my ORX.
  10. F

    Dragoon button

    So glad the beginner didn't over-clean the button...cause its a beaut !!
  11. F

    "AXIOM"...Garrett's New Release

    Actually, maybe they should scroll down a few vids to see his first learning lesson about detectors performance in mineralized soil only 3 months back, considering the Axiom is designed for those type of soil conditions. I certainly wouldn't put much thought in his opinion. I have many hours in...
  12. F

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    Sorry meant to say post CW late 1800's, I found that bridal in a collapsing shack years ago.
  13. F

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    Yes circa Indian Wars, and its not a rosette, this piece attached to the blinder on the bridal.
  14. F

    XP D2 depth

    Grab one of your Spectrums, put it in Mixed Mode, and you'll have your answer. Or Joe and I can come do some 5000 clean-up :cool:
  15. F

    Whites MXT Tracker E-series Eclipse 950 Metal Detector

    Never heard of such a thing, nor did that ever happen to me in my mxt years, and I kept her cranked. Just so happens my buddy just came across the 9.5 eclipse coil he had pulled off his which he no longer owns, if you have any interest. White's product is hard to get these days and the coil is...
  16. F

    Found this small bullet yesterday

    Looks like a CW period Volcanic, but need to see the bottom of it to confirm. They were made 31 & 41cal.
  17. F

    The Whites XLT Spectrum tune

    Nope I'm on the east coast
  18. F

    does centreville still repair whites?

    Here ya go.
  19. F

    The Whites XLT Spectrum tune

    XLT has many great features that folks didn't realize before they sold them, which is why I will always have one. When I want to hunt for deep relics that are well below what the average detectorist scans, I grab my trusty ole XLT. Just hope Garrett's utilizes some of these features in their...
  20. F

    Simplex 3rd hunt and 3rd plate

    Nice finds ! Could be your friend found a complete belt rig which includes the Eagle shoulder belt plate shown, along with the US bullet /cartridge Box plate, and the US buckle. The gun tool, while not a Lorenz tool, is a period cleaning jag. Y'all done good (y)