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Search results

  1. kschae4

    Little hunting with the safari

    I used to see others also say that Safari was a streamed-down version of the Explorer models, too.
  2. kschae4

    Equinox 600 and 800 on sale everywhere!

    Steve, nice offer. Hopefully someone will see your post here or in the classified forum.
  3. kschae4

    Equinox 600 and 800 on sale everywhere!

    A buddy of mine up in South Jersey said he just bought a seldom used Nox 800 with over two years warranty left from a dealer south of Toms River. Paid $625.00 for it, not sure what accessories were included.
  4. kschae4

    Broken coil replaced with a new one. Thank You, Minelab.

    Yes, i was rethinking the options. I haven’t applied any oil/ lubricant at this time.
  5. kschae4

    Broken coil replaced with a new one. Thank You, Minelab.

    Mark,. I have some Hoppe's elite gun oil handy, so I think I'll add a couple of drops to the new rubber washers when re-assembling.
  6. kschae4

    Broken coil replaced with a new one. Thank You, Minelab.

    I decided NOT to try any epoxy fixes at this time so with a month left on my Nox 800 three-year warranty, I chose to engage to replace or repair the 11" pro coil. The ticket was opened last Monday. 7/11 and after filling out the serial number, date of purchase, and an...
  7. kschae4

    Equinox coming up on its 5 year birthday

    Coming up on 3 yrs since buying my Nox 800. Decided to return the broken ears 11" coil last week as it's still under warranty. New (replacement) coil is expected to arrive early this week. Was almost going to try some of the coil and epoxy repairs previously mentioned but opted for a factory...
  8. kschae4

    Andy Sabich

    Here's his and his wife's website too: Andy or Charlene Sabisch GL
  9. kschae4

    Equinox getting dumped

    jlong welcome to this forum. If memory serves me, the Nox target depth is calibrated for the depth of coin-size objects so I utilize the same pinpointing technique that I learned years ago on the Safari to determine the size of targets and if to dig or not. Basically, in the pinpoint mode, as I...
  10. kschae4

    Back from the Tropics with Equinox 800

    Outstanding saves. Were the 14k rings showing tid of 19?
  11. kschae4

    Help for coil ears

    Mark, agreed, that's what the Minelab rep at last month's FH8 hunt said, I think her name was Christine?
  12. kschae4

    I’ve never updated my machine…

    I started with 1.75 but did both sw updates. I did like the addition of the 4khz frequency in the 3.0 sw update, as it seems to really enhance conductive tones.
  13. kschae4

    Equinox getting dumped

    Agreed, Nox 800 will continue to lead-off with Safari on deck if needed.
  14. kschae4

    Just Sold my New Nox800

    JT, guess I've missed something... I'm confused as to why you didn't use the Nox 800 or V3I. No time to hunt or another reason?
  15. kschae4

    Found in stone wall...Whites Coinmaster

    Congrats on a remarkable find patented 11/20/1858. Bet you'd love to get that running smoothly again after many decades.
  16. kschae4

    My obsolete 800 finds an obsolete flying eagle today

    Congrats. a rare find for sure. Was lucky to dig a worn 1858 bucket lister
  17. kschae4

    WM08 and ML80 question?

    Autopilot42----Check this older post out for earbud discussion or the search function using the magnifying icon in the upper right corner with a keyword......
  18. kschae4

    Broken ears on stock coil

    I only wished that my coil ears didn't shatter into lost pieces that were difficult to find without a headlamp or else I'd have tried Mark's fix above. Guess I should try to contact Minelab as I'm still within my three-year warranty.
  19. kschae4

    2 Silver Kinda Day!

    Cal, thanks for taking us along! Love the just dropped details on the 1854 sld. Enjoy the Deus II