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Search results

  1. sasquache

    Please list your favorite detector of all times

    Whites DFX for me found most of my old coins!
  2. sasquache

    Minelab Manticore

    Typo for sure 😅
  3. sasquache

    Washington inaugural button found?!!!

    Amazing find congrats to your friend 👏
  4. sasquache

    What name brand do you believe has found more coins, gold, relics and or treasure?

    In all honesty for me the Whites DFX has found the most ever out of all the detectors I have owned.
  5. sasquache

    Prayer Request

    Prayers sent 🙏
  6. sasquache

    Another sunday hunt from the 1700's field!

    Agane it was a hot few hour hunt with my Nox 800 no coins this time but interesting finds just the same!!
  7. sasquache

    My First Silver Thimble!

    Awesome finds congratulations
  8. sasquache

    Real happy Independence Day 1920 big silver!

    It's the same with the 1700's field I'm hunting with coppers and silver is black but I'm not near the ocean 🤔
  9. sasquache

    Real happy Independence Day 1920 big silver!

    Outstanding finds my friend 👏
  10. sasquache

    Saturday afternoon hunt 1700's field

    It's a large cent
  11. sasquache

    Class ring finds it way home 21 years later.

    That's a awesome way to make someone so happy great job!!
  12. sasquache

    Saturday afternoon hunt 1700's field

    Well I gotta say my Nox 800 is a contender for sure. Out with my detecting bud he was swinging the Etrac for a 2 hour hunt on the same 1700's hay field! What a hunt I was amazed on how my Nox 800 performed in this field it is just full of iron natural iron in the soil and man made iron/copper...
  13. sasquache

    Researched then finally made the trip into the woods among the huge pine trees.

    Awesome happy dance coin and a great adventure!
  14. sasquache

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    It is a hay field and was just cut but was it always a hay field not sure but it is a good spot!
  15. sasquache

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    Thank you my Friend it surely isn't a Etrac but it is alot lighter to swing for a longer period of time without any discomfort but I gotta say it hits targets just a strong and deep as the Etrac I was digging holes 8 plus inches found that toasted large cent at 10 inches but over all great...
  16. sasquache

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    Hello my friend ya I hear you here in Maine anything found like this has likely been dropped during farm field plowing or farm work so rare too find here as well but I feel lucky to save this rare and historic relic from the soils.
  17. sasquache

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    No attachment thank you
  18. sasquache

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    It sure was exciting for sure!
  19. sasquache

    Old buckle find any idea on date or when?

    Found this old buckle plate in a 1700's farm field any info on this one?