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    I'm hoping manufactures get making BT LE headphones and buds so someone can try them. After gong thru the 800EQ experience I'm waiting to see how the new Ginny pigs are treated. If M/L "chipped" these new detectors think I'll go deus or legend.
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    1st Memorial Tesoro rally

    Looks like a great turn out.
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    Input please on upgrading my detector

    I was thinking about the ML 900 or Manticore myself, money is getting tight so decided on the 900, then i had a knee replacement. Detectors on back burner for now. Manticore stock programs seem beginner friendly and most experienced users say most common reason people have trouble at first is...
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    Feel bad for the dealers

    I don't understand it either. Is some middle man up selling somewhere? I bet dealers have confronted minelab for answers, what are they hearing back?:cautious:
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    Adding to the nickel collection

    I see a lot of war Nickel finds on forums lately, good find!
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    Input please on upgrading my detector

    Thanks for a great post Tahts, good info. I like my black powder shotgun but don't take it pheasant hunting, better odds with a semi auto 12 ga. Keep the MXT for a familiar back up.
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    Input please on upgrading my detector

    I hunt with my brother in law and his MXT pro has always impressed me, he is good. I was a tesoro user and went with the nox 800 when it first came out. 6 months later i was doing better and dug less junk. I never used a deus or legend but multi freq is a game changer. See which audio suits...
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    Fun weekend with old friends

    Great hunt and pictures, that's what i like to see! This stuff will get me motivated to get out this spring. New knee replacement 3 weeks ago so cant wait!
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    Equinox 700 vs 900

    I like threshold and user profile so that would be enough for me. Dose the sensitivity actually go higher or just scaled different? Never had a site that i could open up the 800 sensitivity so doubt much diff. first post since knee replacement, i think. whew🥴
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    Equinox 700 vs 900

    Technical Specifications of the Equinox 700 and 900 Tech Spec Equinox 700 Equinox 900 Search Modes Park, Field, Beach Park, Field, Beach, Gold All-Metal Shortcut Yes Yes Custom Search Profile 6 8 User Profile Button No Yes Operating Freqs [kHz] Multi, 4, 5, 10, 15 Multi, 4, 5, 10...
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    Minelab Manticore

    I really think the iron problem is sensitivity related but i don't own one. Stuck with the 800 + coiltek 10x5, not a bad place for the foreseeable future.
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    Looking for a Way to Remove a Tesoro 11 x 8 Coil Cover

    I had to start in the middle where the spokes start, get a spoke loose there on both sides and work out to the edge. those pot scrappers look like a good idea.
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    Tiny silver

    That's an old looking coin, nice.
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    Is the nox 800 dead?

    The 800 is amazing, And you have more audio options with BT. Get a coiltec 10x5 or the M/L 6" coil and your covered.
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    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    really nothing new. 50% more power to the coil not the ground.
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    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    Seems Merrill, "NYC" put out a youtube "Minelab lied", something about the 50% more power claim. Mark Lawrie from Minelab contacted him and merrell took it down on his own he say's. Now i guess after they talked about the claim NYC (Merrell) is going to put another out about the subject with...
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    Flying "HIGH" on 4kHz!

    That's impressive depth, that pipe should have been long gone detected. And with the small coil to boot! I need to upgrade as my EQ 800 is going on 5 years old:rolleyes: I'm just not up to switching horses yet. I tried 4khz now and then on the EQ but never lowered recovery speed. It helped...
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    I was told I should post a picture of this buckle here, someone might have a idea what it is

    Hanoverbrass co. has one similar they call post war but not the same.