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Search results

  1. martygene

    9 in xp deus 2 coil

    I hope that I hear something positive about mine coming. Meanwhile I can't wait to hear your reports on using it since you have been using the 11" one.
  2. martygene

    Love the technology, not the furniture.

    every time you take a brake or have lunch, put the coil on charge. That should be enough to get you thru the day. Good Luck. NY Gene
  3. martygene

    Last couple of hunts D2

    "Using my D2 Deep Coppers program off general." care to share this program set up ?
  4. martygene

    This experienced detectorist Paystreak Superfreak on YouTube is struggling with Deus II recent software updates

    from what I understand we can go back to v0.6 if we don't like 7... i'm on the fence. Had it out for a couple of days and I couldn't settled it down.
  5. martygene

    XP DEUS wider stand

    looks great ... where can I get one? thanks
  6. martygene

    What accessories will work from Deus 1 to Deus 2 ?

    coil clips? MI6 pinpointer? WS6 "puck" fit on Detecknix full size headphones? wire harness? trying to figure out what Deus 1 stuff to sell. any word on when the rest of peons might get one???
  7. martygene

    Thanks for nothing Minelab....

    solved!!! had to do a factory reset and now I can get to the iron bias on Park 1 ... thanks y'all
  8. martygene

    Thanks for nothing Minelab....

    I called Steve again at Minelab customer support and this time he ordered a new stand for me. I even have a tracking number and might be here by next Monday. Yay. The squeaky wheel for the oil at last.
  9. martygene

    Thanks for nothing Minelab....

    I spoke with Steve twice and sent about 5 emails with pictures and that started in early April and now it's June 3rd. and still nothing
  10. martygene

    Thanks for nothing Minelab....

    4 emails with pictures of broken stand and serial numbers. 2 phone conversations and 6 weeks later no replacement yet. Thanks for nothing MINELAB!!!
  11. martygene

    Practical differences between the Park and Filed modes?

    I know what the manual says but what are the "in Field" differences between the modes especially for relic type hunting. Since I've had the 800 I've been using the Park 1, 50 tones and it seems good for relic hunting but would either of the field modes be any better from those of you that have...
  12. martygene

    Lower Carbon Shaft?

    steve's rods probably will work
  13. martygene

    Nox 800 stock wireless headphones... scratchy.. anyone else?

    Seems like the stock wireless Nox headphones are scratchy and "staticy" for me. Is anyone else having any problems with them? are there any good wireless replacements? or if I go to the WM8 what are good headphones are you all finding to be of good audio quality for the Nox tones? thanks
  14. martygene

    Isn't it time to be irritating Minelab with calls to bring out some new coils for the Eq?

    i'd like a wireless pinpointer. due to severe hearing loss wireless pinpointers are the best..
  15. martygene

    Do you prefer the WM 08 module over the standard ML 80 phones?

    Did you ever try out the Bose with the WM 08?
  16. martygene

    best settings for relic hunting with Nox 800?

    Park 1 or 2? Field 1 or 2? 2, 5 or 50 tones? Fe or FE2? Probably GB zero. I would probably use iron on set at volume 1. anything else you can tell me would be much appreciated. thanks
  17. martygene

    Anyone having loud static crunching noises with the Nox wireless headphones ?

    Lately I've been getting random loud crunching sounds from my Nox 800 headphones. It's the kind of sound that I've heard when a stereo speaker coil is shot. It probably happens 2 or 3 times every time I'm out.
  18. martygene

    Look forward to trying out the new forum

    Good Luck. I hope you and Todd and the rest of the crew do well. Let me/us know what settings that you find work best in those conditions if you will. I'm heading over in late October. HAMMERED !!!
  19. martygene

    Got out on Monday, and dug a few keepers...

    I love finding little hot spots...
  20. martygene

    Aftermarket shafts. What you got ? Like it ?

    Steve's detector rods with counter balance..,