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Search results

  1. Mark in NC

    I see First Texas is selling new F70's

    The F70 is a beast! That is a steal for that kind of performance.
  2. Mark in NC

    Change in settings leads to silver rosie and ihp

    The F70 is an amazing machine if you take the time to learn it.
  3. Mark in NC

    Beach hunting in Carolina...

    Hey folks...has anyone tried hunting the wet sand on either North or South Carlina beaches? I'm curious how the Legend handled it...and how sensitive is was to small gold while still staying quiet due to salt and minerals.
  4. Mark in NC

    Screws for Multi Kruzer

    Yep, that's them! I may have to just haul the Kruzer into the store with me and try out different ones. Thank you for taking the pics!
  5. Mark in NC

    Screws for Multi Kruzer

    Howdy everyone... I have lost the two screws that hold on the extra battery pack/lower detector prop (below the arm cuff). Does anyone know the type of screws? (size, thread, etc.) I was hoping I could pick up something close enough at the hardware store. Thanks!
  6. Mark in NC

    If you can bare to watch it

    Great job!
  7. Mark in NC

    F70 finds another 10K

    The F70 is an under appreciated beast of a detector! Still one of my favorites.
  8. Mark in NC

    Etrac xchange Program

    Hello all... I've visited the host site for the 3rd party exchange software ( ) but it appears to be expired now. Does anyone have a copy they could email me? (Assuming it's open source). Thanks! Mark in NC HH'n
  9. Mark in NC

    Pics of the new F machines from Facebook

    Found these on the Fisher Facebook page... [attachment 306884 F44.jpg] [attachment 306886 fback.jpg] [attachment 306887 fback2.jpg] [attachment 306888 fnewcoil.jpg]
  10. Mark in NC

    New Teknetics machines!

    Surprised no one has posted these yet... From the Tek Facebook page: Digitek [attachment 306831 digitek.jpg] G2+ [attachment 306832 g2plus.jpg] [attachment 306834 g2plus2.jpg]
  11. Mark in NC

    Looking for a decent a detector

    Hi everyone... just as an FYI, I'm looking to trade a Teknetics Omega (,2111543 ) for a good DSLR with some accessories. I'd like to get into a little photography. Thanks, Mark
  12. Mark in NC

    Lake wading

    Took the AT Pro wading this past weekend at White Lake in the good ol' Tarheel State (North Carolina!). My headphones are the non-waterproof version so I only hunted at chest, I had a lot of fun though! As an inexperienced wading type hunter, I discovered quickly I need a longer...
  13. Mark in NC

    Rebuilding your rechargeable battery pack?

    Thanks Jimmie...good info.!
  14. Mark in NC

    Rebuilding your rechargeable battery pack?

    Have any of you guys rebuilt your rechargeable packs? The one I have quit holding a charge so I thought it may be worth a try.
  15. Mark in NC

    First Silver Coin

    Very nice! Nothing like that first silver! Congrats.
  16. Mark in NC

    Eurotek Pro review

    Here's a review I did of the Eurotek Pro... Moderators, if links aren't allowed, please delete! Mark
  17. Mark in NC

    Suggestions for a good "beach" program?

    Hey Guys... Are there any specific tweaks you've discovered to the stock beach program you would recommend? My newly upgraded V3i may be back in time for me to take it on vacation to the coast! Thanks and HH'n
  18. Mark in NC

    The legendary "Super CZ"!

    Hey folks, Does anyone know who the original artist is on this? It has been seen everywhere and is still one of the coolest (and funniest!) photoshops I've seen.
  19. Mark in NC

    Tek Omega with the 11" DD at the beach...

    I decided to take the trusty Omega with me on vacation to the coast...glad I did! I had a chance to experience something I've not seen very often...a single frequency detector that WORKS in the wet sand! Yep...and worked great!. Now, it's not quite multiple frequency depth, but some buried...
  20. Mark in NC

    Congratulations from the land not quite down under

    An Engineer from a competing company offering congratulations on a new product launch! Competition tempered with civility...what a concept! :clapping: