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Search results

  1. GeorgeinSC

    Good Service

    Sent a pin pointer to Garrett. It took longer to get there than it did for them to fix it and have it back to me.
  2. GeorgeinSC

    10k gold chain

    Let me think. Had a detector in hand. was detecting. GOLD said look at me. After careful consideration i would call it a detecting find. You were detectomg
  3. GeorgeinSC

    Have you ever had hostility from people while You Detect.

    I was detecting in a city recreational area in NC. I was not near the soccer fields. Atctully was in a tot lot. Was approached and told that i could not detect i that area as the city had passed an ordnance plrohititing detecting on any city owned property. hE SAID THE REASON WAS THT GUYS...
  4. GeorgeinSC

    Been a good month so far, I'm new so I'm giving this a go, this my wife and my finds for this month

    More silver there than i average in a yeae. Here i thought that the ground would be too frozen to be able to dig I Jave had some good luck south of the Ohio river. Some good digging around old homes.
  5. GeorgeinSC

    Little hunting with the safari

    YeRs ago i was on the beach with my Sovereign GT. A guy swinging a Safari came uip to talk. He said you have a good machine. Then he said But the Safiri is the best machine Minelab has ever made. Later i saw hin swinging a Xcal. The last time i saw him he was swingig a Equimox. He just...
  6. GeorgeinSC

    So who here watched last nights episode of beyond oak island.. looking for Cornwallis treasure ?? My real question is this......

    I have never watched more than a few minutes. That so called reality show has very little to do with reality Those shows are Cheap to make and they rake in the money They have to keep coming up with something to keep peoples attention since there is no greassure to be found.
  7. GeorgeinSC

    Does Anyone Have Hearing Problems

    Hearing aid sellers charge outrageous prices. I was recently told that i might get by with a 4 thousand dollar set but most likely six thousnd dollars. Some are eight thousand and higher depending on who you get them from Some folks have good luck with the Va and some do not. Va told a...
  8. GeorgeinSC

    Weird material

    Folks have thrown aluminum cans in their campfires for a long time. The settler heated lead and cast theiur bulets. I find pieces of lead froo time ti time that i believe were used in bullet making ==
  9. GeorgeinSC

    Weird material

    Hard to know from pictures. Melted aluminum or melted lead would be my guess. Any place where a fire was built could produce either. I find both.
  10. GeorgeinSC

    Losing one productive site after another

    Schools are off limits in Sc. All are behind fences with locked gates. Old no longer used sites are sold. A lot of playgrounds have signs “for residents use only” Parhs take a beating. Thankfully I have three beaches within about 30 miles. Gives this transplanted West Virginia boy a place to...
  11. GeorgeinSC

    Another new minelab????

    No idea what Minelab might be bringing out. But if a company does not improve their offerings they fall by the wayside. Whites is a good example. Some older folks like me are satisfied with what they have but younger folks demand higher and higher levels of technology. The IPhone is an example.
  12. GeorgeinSC

    Crazy stupid listings, mods and dreams

    I did not know they had become so valuable. My unmodified lightly used one must be worth at least twice what I paid for it. NOT
  13. GeorgeinSC

    Please list your favorite detector of all times

    My first machine was Sovereign GT. Then the Excalibur. Both continue to serve me well and I can not find any reason to replace them.
  14. GeorgeinSC

    Deciding on and comparing new machines. Can get a little comic.

    I am not a gluten for punishment. Had a 300 Wby Mag. I got it at below cost due to an error by my buyer. After about ten shots I was done for the day. Trip I planned on using it on fell thru.and I was happy to see it. Go when I sold it.
  15. GeorgeinSC

    Detectors that have stood the test of time.

    I started with the Sovereign GT. Was worried to get very far into the water so I got the XcAl. Can not find any reason to replace them.
  16. GeorgeinSC


    I have detected a small city park in a black community. By the time I get my equipment out of the car a resident asks what are you doing. When I tell him he says Okay. I just like to keep an eye on things. I say good and thank him. Makes me feel safer To know he will not tolerate any trouble.
  17. GeorgeinSC

    Two Wise Statements made by the Resident!

    Why is DC called a swamp? I live in SC and we have a lot of swamps. Swamps benefit a number of plants that do not grow elsewhere. They also benefit wildlife. They filter impurities out of water and allow it to return to the aquifier which gives clean drinking water. Washington under the...
  18. GeorgeinSC

    slight bump on rocks underwater

    At a local beach some years back I was not concentrating like I should. Bumped the soil in a rock and my x Al went crazy. It would work for a while and then go to squawking. Sent it in for repair. Got it back with thre problem still happening. So I sent it back again. After some time I was...
  19. GeorgeinSC

    The Curse of Oak Island

    I am one who is hard to convince that tales of treasure are true. Reality shows like the oak island thing are Cheap to produce and are very profitable. It’s all about the money. I might watch a few minutes at most. THose guys have not found any buried treasure but they have put a lot of dollars...