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    I think it's the most top heavy detector ever, BUT it doesn't matter as the whole thing is soooo light. Disclosure- I use the 9in coil.
  2. C

    D2 Legs

    Yeah, you wouldn't need much more length, I guess many people made a work a round.
  3. C

    D2 Legs

    Thanks, targits. There must be some reasoning for the design I'm's been years and two detectors now, they would have surely changed the design by now if it wasn't what they
  4. C

    D2 Legs

    You did a great job on that!
  5. C

    D2 Legs

    Wait, the D1 has the same legs??? WOW, I did not know that.
  6. C

    D2 Legs

    Anyone ever figure out why the legs look like they belong to a different detector? Are they meant to use when leaning it on a wall? Was there a design mistake? Thanks!
  7. C

    Deus 2 Ground Balance Question, mine made a move I've never seen before. It always drops from 87 down to the low 80s, but for some reason, today it went down into the 60s! A friend of mine, who knows a lot about XP, says we shouldn't even worry about ground balance unless we're falsing.
  8. C

    Need help with settings for seeded hunts using the Deus 2

    Thinking out loud here, and never have done a seeded hunt, but I'd guess you should take the control box off and use it on your arm or use the puck on the handle so you can swing faster. If they're all coins maybe Deus Mono, sens as far up as you can go without falsing. Even at 2 inches a higher...
  9. C


    I HATE the headphones. They don't keep out wind and leaf noise, they hurt with glasses, you have to charge them, they won't keep my ears warm in winter, and I NEVER use them as stand alone. I'll follow this thread in case anyone has a good suggestion.
  10. C

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    I never had the D1 so I don't know but Isn't the D2 capable of running exactly like the D1 if need be? I guess if it was you'd still want to sell one of them.
  11. C

    Iron falsing

    Yep...The D2 gives ample tonal cues. It took me maybe 500 hrs but I feel good about iron now. The 86-87 gave me fits but now I've got it down to a bent nail or rusted hoop once a hunt.
  12. C

    What about nickles?

    I never found as many nickels as I did with the Nox. I'd guess the reason is I ran field2 a lot and the "special recipe" was geared toward lower conductors. I haven't noticed my nickel production on the Deus2 yet but I'd guess it would be lower as I always run DeepHC which leans on the higher...
  13. C

    XP Deus II could use some simple fixes for diving. Please read XP techs.

    Why do we have to buy extra parts or drill this thing or that thing? For $1500 they can't make a mount that works? Or coil charging clamps that don't take super-human strength? Or control unit charge port that people older than 40 can see? Or feet that allow the thing to stand up? Or use...
  14. C

    Coil battery issues....

    I'll try this, Picketwire, as I have the same battery issues as the op.
  15. C

    Deus 2 relic mode, to notch or use the IAR rejection

    I tried just zero, then zero all the way up to 40. It always sounded less robust with notch on. I think the more notch the worse it sounded.
  16. C

    Deus 2 relic mode, to notch or use the IAR rejection

    A few weeks ago (one time/ one place/) I tried Relic mode with and without notch. Tones were stronger without it.
  17. C

    Silent emi

    I had to google this...Is it the first time it's ever happened on a detector? Other multi freq machines exhibit this?
  18. C

    tone I.D ?

    Deus 2 has adjustable modulation of tones. You can also adjust everything you could think of... pitch, timbre, bins, volume.
  19. C

    And the Winner is!!

    I agree. I've used the 600 for four yrs, and now the D2. I CAN'T believe how cheap and difficult the charging is. The strap is garbage, the legs don't touch the ground, The box is ridiculously hard to get on/off, the coil loses charge after a few hours, the head phones are cheap, there's...
  20. C

    Im ready to pull the plug on the D2

    I actually attached clocks to my old detectors, so I was thrilled when I learned they were putting a clock on the screen, and when I first got the detector it reverted back to military time every time you restarted. Subsequent updates may have corrected that issue but as it turns out I NEVER...