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Search results

  1. TC-NM

    Is Metal Detecting on the Decline?

    Only if you guys let it. ✋️✋️✋️
  2. TC-NM

    Back to the 6000DI PRO XL

    I too have the 11 inch hothead coil, black max 950 and the eclipse one. So I'm all set!
  3. TC-NM

    Back to the 6000DI PRO XL

    Hey david bull, your 6000 di pro from what I see, looks like a long black stretch limo, Ha. All kidding aside, probably one of the best designs next to the XL Pro that White's ever came up with. I don't have a extra 5.3 but I have a new coil cover BM 950 thin profile for sale which will fit the...
  4. TC-NM

    Nokta PI Detector

    Vlad, while looking at the Garrett website and at the Axiom's weight (4.2 lbs.), it would be a plus if they configured it to have a chest and/or hip mount just as White's did with their big box TDI's. TC-NM
  5. TC-NM

    White's Electronics Forum?

    One of the better forums out there. Too bad it's gone. Lot and lots of information given. I use to print out topics and refer back to them when a question arises. TC-NM
  6. TC-NM

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    Hey woodbutcher, very nice golden!! Now I need to get off my duff and find those broken detectors too. 🫡 TC-NM
  7. TC-NM

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    Well, you can put a want ad for broken/ non-working tesoro detectors and scavenge the part you need. As your last resort... just saying. TC-NM
  8. TC-NM


    Oh yea, they have a good product, but on flipside, there prices are up there, right? A third of there sales goes to their attorney's ...hee hee TC-NM
  9. TC-NM

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    Is the shaft ok though?
  10. TC-NM

    Has Anyone Ever Used These Coils On A Tesoro

    Hey Moose57, let us know when you get them and give us a review of coils used in the field. I was thinking about that same thing. I have an Outlaw w/standard concentric coil but would like to get 2 more coil sizes/coil configurations. TC-NM
  11. TC-NM

    Maybe you were there

    Here, Here Monte!!
  12. TC-NM


    And it goes on and on and on!
  13. TC-NM

    Sierra Super Pulse 350 coil questions

    Well, anyone out there?
  14. TC-NM

    Sierra Super Pulse 350 coil questions

    Would like to know if any of you used this coil on a big box TDI? Trying to get some opinions and/or feedback. I heard that White's put it out for users who reside in Africa. How does it rate toward other TDI coils in comparison is my main concern? I just purchased a big box TDI and waiting for...
  15. TC-NM

    Whites "Flagship" Detector ?

    Maybe the DFX wasn't their flagship??
  16. TC-NM

    Whites "Flagship" Detector ?

    For me it has to be the XL Pro which I still own. With its simplicity, accuracy (separation of targets) and depth on targets. My best find with the XL Pro was a small gold heart shaped with a center pearl and small chain attached at almost 9 inches below the surface! You just have to watch...
  17. TC-NM

    White's Eagle Spectrum

    All depends on condition... very subjective.
  18. TC-NM

    White's Spectra V3i is a 'Legend'

    Hi mikezap, did you do the master reset to your detector yet? Just curious in what the VDI's were reading on coins compared to the old nos. TC-NM
  19. TC-NM

    White's Eagle Spectrum

    Between $250 - $350