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Search results

  1. R

    Yesterday's hunt with G2+ results with 5 bucket listers

    That G2 loves Brass,I Relic Hunting a lot and it’s hard to beat,Congrats on some good finds
  2. R

    Manticore scores a gold!

    Super nice find Jeff,Congrats
  3. R

    At Pro still finds the good stuff

    For some reason they liked to put holes in them half Dimes back in the day and hung it around their neck,Old timer told me that they did that to acknowledge a Birthday or a wedding date,That’s a great find Congrats!
  4. R

    Gold Hound Finds.

    Beautiful Coin Chuck,awesome find,that Gold Hound will Hunt, Congrats !
  5. R

    A Question concerning the Minelab 8' fbs search coil

    Kevin,I use one on my Etrac only when I encounter nail infested iron,when I need that better separation,deep as I got with it was a 8” civil war 3 ringer.Only bad review I have on it is it’s alittle heavy for that size of Coil
  6. R

    Short hunt after work.

    Good looking bunch of lead,Them Gardner bullets are getting rare to Find. Congrats on a good hunt
  7. R

    Civil war finds from today

    I agree,there is a story behind ever find we make,you wonder about the chewed bullets you find,the agony they went through.Rough Times back then.
  8. R

    Civil war finds from today

    Nice finds Hanover,This is Relic Hunting weather for sure,never seen such Mild weather here in Kentucky for February,Virginia probably about the same I would say,thanks for sharing.
  9. R

    Calvary relics

    Good variety of civil war bullets,you had a good day digging Congrats
  10. R

    First month with the Manticore.

    Dan,Your breaking that Monticore in right,what a haul,Congrats on some good digging.
  11. R

    Union Eagle.

    That’s a good find,not everyday you can go out and find a eagle button intact like that,they are getting hard to find,I reckon been in the ground over 160 years,makes it a good find Congrats!
  12. R

    First seated with the Manticore

    Nice assortment of finds,Congrats
  13. R

    Civil War Campsite finds

    I’m fortunate to live in a state that had a lot of civil war activity,I been doing this for 38 years,young guys ask me what it takes to find stuff and first thing I tell them you have to do your research,because at the end of the day it’s all about the site
  14. R

    Civil War Campsite finds

    Good point Jeff
  15. R

    Anybody using the New Gold Hound for Relic Hunting

    Thanks Monte Keep us updated , look forward to hearing what you think of it, Thanks for your input. Rick
  16. R

    Civil War Campsite finds

    These where campsite finds,could have had alittle action here because of the fired bullets,but a lot of camp lead has come out of here and other camp items
  17. R

    Civil War Campsite finds

    Scabbard tip,Careless me hit it with my shovel,never leave home without your Pinpointer ,Heel tap off a boot below,button back, bullets,fired and dropped,one was ram rod down,camp lead,belt tensioner
  18. R

    Civil War Campsite finds

    We been having some pretty good weather in Kentucky this month,so I been taking advantage of that and getting out more,thought I would post some of my finds,I need to start posting more on the forum.My New Year Resolution was to get more this year
  19. R

    Anybody using the New Gold Hound for Relic Hunting

    Thanks Chuck for that info,I hunt a lot of civil war campsites here in Kentucky,most the soil here is average,but you still have to deal With the nails,looking to getting a Deeptech,probably need to go With the Vista X,like you said it might be better in the iron than The Gold Hound
  20. R

    My top 2 finds in 2022! Kentucky north!

    Way to go my fellow Kentuckian Nice finds