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  1. M

    Hi Mike,

    I finally am back on FB; so ask me to be your friend as I couldn't find your name & many others! Love you in Jesus' name, me son, & God Bless you & yours with healings & His loving joy that is unspeakable & full of glory! Is there any way to message you on the Find's Forums via CMD Forum? Ma
  2. M

    I just can’t do it!

    Yes suicide is devastating to all who love & know the person! I tried twice because of the divorce & the lies by my ex that absolutely hurt to the depth of my soul, but glad I didn't as it would have hurt my children & too many people -- I haven't even tried now that I truly know Jesus, Who...
  3. M

    I just can’t do it!

    Thank you but both have passed away! My Navy brother by suicide ( our family on mom's side suffers with clinical depression & have had many attempts but Larry succeeded & devastated us --SAD) & my Army brother by an incurable disease Pulmonary Arterial Disease (PAH)--he smoked & worked on Army...
  4. M


    Yes! Very true, Bro Bill, but only God our Heavenly Father knows our appointed time of mortal death & when His Son, Jesus, will return to rapture us, God's Children, home to live with Him forever! Praise God for His mercy & His grace! Amen! Ma:)
  5. M

    I just can’t do it!

    Thank you for your service & that is about the same time as my brother (1-1/2 years younger than me) served in the Army & actually helped clean up Viet Nam after the war, I think! He saw a lot of Germany's castles while there. My other brother, lots younger, a twin to my sister, served in the...
  6. M

    Went to a well pounded site for two this morning........

    Congrats Mike--Nice oldies from dirt diggin' Ma
  7. M

    Poem--A FEW MORE MILES & like a vapor they are disappearing FAST;

    Thank you, Travis! Our God is GRREEEEAT! PTL! Amen!
  8. M

    POEM--I am ready to go BUT when will Jesus come & get God's saints?

    Thank you, Travis, BUT God Jehovah gets the glory & praise, for it is His Holy Spirit's inspiration given to me to write Christian Poetry & witness for Jesus' love & forgiveness for all sinners & that is who we are in need of a Savior until we are saved by His grace & become His Child & then in...
  9. M

    Please Continue in Prayers for

    OOPS! Tami was here today as she went grocery shopping for me & she is working 12 hours every night & will be working seven nights straight before she has a night or two off! Please pray for God to give her strength & good restful sleep when she has a chance for sleeping & resting! Thank you...
  10. M

    Poem--A FEW MORE MILES & like a vapor they are disappearing FAST;

    Therefore today is the day of salvation for tonight or tomorrow just may be too late for believing Faith in Jesus & for Repentance of all sins that corrupt the soul from being in God's eternal kingdom!
  11. M

    Please Continue in Prayers for

    Thanks Travelling Mike! Yes! My prayers are always for God's will to be done & not mine! I ask Him to help us in our requests or block them because He only knows what is best for anyone! God is GOOD & is GOOD all the time, as Mike in Michigan always says! Amen! Ma
  12. M

    Please Continue in Prayers for

    My daughter Tami & me! Just found out today that David did get approved for a loan to buy the trailer & land after finally getting an appointment with his bank BUT ALAS the property has been sold in the meantime of his having to work more hours & because of the lockdown to slow down the Corona...
  13. M

    Need help to identify this ring

    Nice ring--Good luck in finding out all about it--Maybe a Treasure display Catalog concerning Cowboy rings might help? Ma Betty
  14. M

    POEM--A Circle Of Love

    LOL! Thank you Steve, I guess for both of which one is writing poetry in honor of our Lord for what He has done on Calvary's Cross in our place by bearing the sins & iniquities for us, as we are all born sinners & are in need of a savior & He is Jesus, the only begotten son of Jehovah God...
  15. M

    Second Indian with equinox

    Congrats Travis--My prayers are for God to bless you more & more with nice finds! Enjoy the good hunting--hope you find more GOLD! Amen! Ma
  16. M

    Good mercy ,stay out of hospitals

    Don't worry, Bro Bill, you will gain some back when feeling much better & able to get out walking & doing your thing again--takes time to heal & get your strength & appetite back! Still praying & God is a prayer answering God in Jesus precious & holy name! God bless! Amen! SIS Betty
  17. M

    POEM--A Circle Of Love

    Thank you so very much BUT God gets all the GLORY for it is His Holy Spirit giving me the inspiration to write them! I don't believe that a member of the godless baby murdering Democrat Party can be a Christian for murdering innocent human-beings (they are INNOCENT & human beings from the...