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Search results

  1. Odanscoils

    How to check for the Halo effect using Manticore demonstration

    I've found a long probe. Say 12" 1/4" screwdriver. Will usually destroy the Halo piercing near the pinpointed Target with just a wiggle. Leaving any good targets clearly heard. Try it. Though somehow my Sovereign GT does this in the null of iron. Clearly nailing the good stuff.
  2. Odanscoils

    Looking for hunting buddy southeast Connecticut

    Interesting. I'm an oll highvoltage lineman. What's your highvoltage line. Wish I lived closer. Great diggins down thar.
  3. Odanscoils

    Minelab Manticore

    Thank You Mark.
  4. Odanscoils

    Checking halo effect using pin pointing Manticore demonstration

    Good information. Thanks.
  5. Odanscoils

    whats the best detector you ever had

    Yes. Absolutely Love my oll MXT. When everything else fails due to EMI. The MXT pulls through.
  6. Odanscoils

    First time out with manticore I’m impressed!!

    That's a nice cut on the beach. Don't see that often up here on Lake Erie shores. I envy beaches like that.
  7. Odanscoils

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    How's it running Ollkoot ?
  8. Odanscoils

    Loss of long time forum friend Monte Berry 😥

    Thank You Kindman.
  9. Odanscoils

    Today was OUTSTANDING!!

    Awesome hunt. Do you remember your settings ?
  10. Odanscoils

    Minelab Manticore

    Thanks Markus. Sadly it's psychological.
  11. Odanscoils

    Amazing dug relic!

    Hmmm. You weren't supposed to see me in that tree. Next time I'll tell the hot goil to be naked so the distraction works this time. I want those artifacts !! Especially those keys. Just hand em over and you won't be looking over yur shoulder anymore. Well. Except for the artifacts any. 😁😅
  12. Odanscoils

    Minelab Manticore

    Weather. And wife's condition. Can't leave her alone. 😞
  13. Odanscoils

    Buying a new truck

    What's fluid film. Recently picked up a 99. Though up here in Ohio rust belt. I have to patch up the frame. And replace some panels.
  14. Odanscoils

    c1820s militia eagle belt plate

    Awesome find. Congratulations.
  15. Odanscoils

    Eyes Aren't what they use to be

    Can't make it out. Sorry
  16. Odanscoils

    Out Here Just Winging It…

    Man yur winging it well. Nice work.
  17. Odanscoils

    Wiring diagram on a Excalibur coil.

    Do you know what each wire is ? Transmitter, receive,, ground ? Still Loving my GT. For weight I've bagged my control box. Old blue purse of the wifs. Hang it under my left arm. Swinging just the coil and shaft.
  18. Odanscoils

    Pro Out In The Field

    How you liking that pinpointer ?
  19. Odanscoils

    Minelab Manticore

    Finally got mine. Can't wait to get real time on it. If I could just put the Legend down. Maybe I'll actually learn the Manticore. 😅
  20. Odanscoils

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    Love my Carrots. Still going strong I've picked up a few new pinpointers last month. Though the one I'm most interested in trying this season. Is the Quest XPointer Max. The unique feature is it's ability to discriminate ferrous from non ferrous with a little display and tones. Getting close to...