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  1. L

    Peace I’m out!

    Me too but I must have missed something.
  2. L

    Trying to figure what to get

    Well hurry up and decide so I'll know it I need to do this one or replace my 3030(which is looking likely):D As for coils I am just not passionate about the larger ones. With a double D you just about have to use a 17" to get enough extra depth to make it worth it.
  3. L

    Brief rant

    Good point. Was finding so much that day was not thinking of something more important. I actually enjoy talking to folks about the hobby, its the one's who never attempt to learn that are irksome.:)
  4. L

    I wanted to ask about the deus 2 and bottle cap reject

    Did you test for both steel pop caps and aluminum screw caps? Its the Al ones that give us fits because will mask most coins not just IH's. With the steel one's you can notch for iron wrap around on Deus 1 if you're careful w/o losing the valuable stuff. Also does the cap feature run off the...
  5. L

    Bottle caps

    Did a large old lot today I"ve done before. Was once a spot where bikers met. Best find today was a small Harley medallion. But the caps are horrendous. Did not dig one using the tips we've discussed but you have to concentrate on every "good tone" to make sure its not a cap. Remind me if...
  6. L

    Bottle caps

    You can really reduce your caps but it takes some discipline. First remember there are two kinds of caps. Flip top like on Bud lite are steel and ring up really high and also rust. These are easier to eliminate by notching the field from 97-99(do 98-99 if HF coil) This will also prevent iron...
  7. L

    Deus 2 park hunt when well it happen

    I totally agree but as both a Deus 1 and 3030 owner I can sort of see why this scenario is on temporary hold. The Deus is just not a good salt water machine(1 weakness IMO) so the need for this type of testing gets priority. What i can tell you at this point is that the Deus 1 is phenominal in...
  8. L


    Don't do salt water beaches but Deus 1 is a monster on micro gold also but the only thing I've found it to struggle with are the small chains w/o a cross or pendent. SMF may do better here. Look forward to finding out. Have heard EQ pick them up well.
  9. L

    Brief rant

    I've been doing this for 30 years ever since I was a kid and usually don't file a complaint too much but here goes. Have yall noticed just how many more folks are getting into this hobby in the last several years? When i started it was mostly just some hard core mostly male guys who had...
  10. L

    I’d love to see a hunt in a park/school/fairground in a lot of CONDUCTIVE trash please!

    The Deus already does great in this environment whereas my 3030 struggles more because of the slow recovery speed. You can pull up CD's utube at the ice cream stand with the Deus which is one of my favorites but maybe we can get him to do it with the Deus II. How about it CD?
  11. L

    Where are all the CTX users?

    Here the deal. Am a long time 3030 user and still convinced FBS is still the most inovative feature to have ever hit the MD market. But my go to machine 90% is the Deus as the 3030 is hopelessly prone to mechanical failure and getting satisfactory service from ML is very frustrating. Have...
  12. L

    Deus II depth?

    The scuba abilities aside, could you elaborate further since its becoming apparent that my current smf machine may have to be replaced. Not a "buy everything that comes out" guy but believe a great multi(Deus 1) and a great smf is a very good combo. Also very neutral ground and no coke in my...
  13. L

    Just dont know how they are going to do it on the Deus 2....

    First realize that there's two caps the flip top crown and the screw. The flip is easy to spot. If ur doing coins set to 8 or 12 then when you run over one move to 4kfz You can set up new program next door to test. The crown is steel and the number will remain the same or go up when set to...
  14. L

    XP Deus II vs Equinox - 5 Reasons Why I Like The XP Deus II

    Coil bumping the snow? That will make them all go crazy. Wait and then yall can tell us.:)
  15. L

    XP DEUS II Introduction | XP Metal Detectors

    Some intriging features I did not anticipate. Not much said about deep target ID which would be a bonus. Some SMF machines assigns aluminum caps to a different "box" so you can ignore If you're a coin hunter but if the cap off feature still masks a coin its essentually useless better to dig...
  16. L

    Simplex vs. EMI

    Before you ever start swinging hold the detector up parallel to your head and swing. If the noise gets worse that's EMI. The simplex will "simply" be inoperable in certain areas at the frequency it runs at. This will include areas like yards close to high lines. I hunt one old site with the...
  17. L

    Detector wars??

    This is like beating a dead horse but I have it on very good authority that ML is coming out with a new machine but its not a new CTX which I believe is the last FBS machine still on the market. Frankly I don't know why we need another SMF machine unless it can identify deep targets like the...
  18. L

    What test or feature would you like me to video on the Deus 2 first?

    Ability to ID deep high conductive coins(before I have to fool with ML) and also some SMF machines assign screw caps to a slightly lower part of the screen than where most coin lie. Spend lots of time on these if they are deep. Thanks
  19. L

    Deus 2 most anticipated release ever..

    First i promise to not get controversial:) This question is directed primarily to CD and Sube because I hunt mainly with the Deus and 3030 but anyone is welcome to contribute. I do some fresh water and fresh water beach hunting but no salt and no diving so my question is a little different. It...
  20. L

    What are your beliefs about metal detector? Old Tech VS New?

    And we would not have such a great "critic"