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Any one using the Simplex on wet salt sand or in the water?


This thread is 2 years old, but I used my Simplex yesterday for a couple of hours.

First off, I know that multi-freq machines and pulse machines really shine in the salt water and black sand areas of the beach. I also know that we can't get everything from the ground that has been lost.

With that being said, what I have learned is that there is a lot of trial and error when using a new machine.

So I started with the beach mode, and a ground balance of 0.0. Sensitivity at 3 or 4 bars. The machine was still very chatty, and not comfy using it like that. After some time, decided to see what pin point sounded like. Too loud going toward the wet sand. Very annoying.

Now I tried all metal mode with a threashold. It seemed to be more stable. It was stable in the water, but not while a wave was moving over the coil. Too much falsing. But in the water, it seemed to perform okay. I found a few pieces of rusted, penny sized iron, in the dry, wet, and water. The threshold seemed to have slightly nulled in all 3 instances over the target.

I did not try Park 1. My failure for that, but I will try other setting next time. (Which will be tomorrow)

I'll prolly stick with my Excal and Sov, exclusively at any beach setting. I will continue to 'test' the Simplex+ a few more times before deciding if it should be a backup to the backup in a time wasting situation. But you never know what you will find.

Until next time. Oh!, Im in Jax, FL.


Portagee Diggah

New member

I used to have the Tesoro Vaquero and AT Pro.
The Simplex has some nice features that Garret and Tesoro did not.
i.e. Front Light, Vibration Mode, Mute, Iron Volume, and some more that I can not recall right now.
For an Authorized Dealer I have a great experience with El Dorado Metal Detectors ( ) very nice people.

Best Regards

Adolfo from Monterrey, México.
The extra features don't matter if you don't you them .


Well-known member
I live in N.H. and have used my Simplex at the beach 3 times this year. I don't use the stock coil I use the SP22 round coil. Not alot of people use that coil but I love it! It reminds me of my Sovereign coil. Anyway back to the beach! Ground balanced to O and using that coil it runs quiet in beach mode in the wet salt and will find you plenty of targets IF they are actually there. As another member said the technology of the VLF machines today cannot be compared to that if machines from 20 years ago. Many people still assume this to be true. Yes there are definitely some newer VLF detectors out there that flat out stink in salt water but some like the Simplex do very well. All that being said salt water beaches vary just as much as inland soils do so your beach may be a different scenario.