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Black National Anthem??.........


Staff member
midalake said: NO ONE is replacing anything. Don't be ignorant. POST an official link to "replacing"
Unfortunately, you just can't seem to post what someone else says without misrepresenting it or altering it in some fashion. Go back and look at my posts. You will find that I did NOT say anything about replacing our National Anthem. I said: "You can't replace the Bald Eagle with a house wren. You can't replace the Oak Tree with a Piss Elm. And you can't replace In God We Trust with "Never let a good crisis go to waste." When a Nation has a National symbol for anything, you can't simply add another one because you have a political agenda."

So once again midalake, show me where I said anything about replacing the National Anthem. What you will find is the same thing most others will find when they read these are the ignorant one.

Missouri -- Ma Betty

Well-known member
I misrepresent NOTHING. It's you AND YOUR ILK making it "political"

‘Lift Every Voice and Sing' Hymn Ignites Hope Across Nation
Calling it a National Anthem & playing it as our National Anthem is what is wrong & you & your ILK made it political--There is ONE National Anthem & all others are NOT National but personal for whoever wants it played at their personal game or birthday party & etc can do so!

The STAR SPANGLE BANNER represents all races & every human being who has done anything to make THE USA a better nation--like the Military & those who represent GOOD DEEDS done for our whole nation & people! Representing each of us Nationally--All People & ALL RACES not just certain races & colors or special individuals. What if we called The Whole Nation's National Anthem THE WHITE or Caucasion National Anthem? It would be wrong & racist for America is made up of many races & colors; so let us respect all people with THE STAR SPANGLE BANNER & not choose a National Hymn for each race! One nation under God Almighty, Who created the whole world & everything in it including humans & United we stand to be strong & remain unconquered by our enemies or become divided & LOSE the USA to EVIL ONES by being confused & helpless individuals of color & racism standing alone or in racist groups! Amen! Ma Betty!