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Land O' Lakes Butter no longer wants Indians on its products.


Well-known member
Wow. Beth Ford, the CEO made this decision. She was supported by this nutjob: " North Dakota Rep. Ruth Buffalo said of the previous Land O'Lakes logo went "hand-in-hand with human and sex trafficking of our women and girls ... by depicting Native women as sex objects, " per The Grand Forks Tribune. :laugh:

I've talked to Native Americans who are proud that native-related place names and images are used for military aircraft, sports teams, place names, and products. I have yet to talk to one who feels otherwise.

Conversely, I've read about some, like the ones above, who are political ideologists and are a part of the group on the hate America bandwagon.

Maybe we should follow their lead, and change the names of all of the towns, cities, and states that get their names from Indian tribes, chiefs, and language, as well as our military aircraft?



Well-known member
I really wonder what the rest of the world thinks about our country these days ,, knowing we are going through this asinine amount bull hockey. Does anyone want to start placing bets on which country walks in here and takes over ??
I always respected our native American Indians ,, and always thought it was good having them portrayed on various packages, advertisements in papers and tv,, sports names and all. But I never knew about some of the instances of their history of killing women and children. But I never heard of any outrage from any Indians of their portrayal on these products . I always thought it was a good way to remember them as our original Americans. I don't get ,, why is everyone claiming this racist, victimized mentality.


Well-known member
The Spanish chronicled some of the Florida tribes as being cannibals, because they often encountered their war parties returning home from raids, loaded down with human body parts. The Spaniards assumed they were eating them, but not so.

James Adair illuminated the truth of the practice a few years later when he began to trade and live with the Chickasaw. The Indians weren't eating their enemies (at least not in Florida) they were bringing home trophies of war.

Heads, ears, arms, legs, fingers...…...

Some of the Iroquois Confederacy tribes shaved all the hair off their heads, save for a circular area around the crown, letting it grow as long as it could. They did that so that, if they died in battle, only one enemy could get credit for their scalp. :drinking:

Adair said the Choctaw (I believe it was) would sometimes journey far to the north in search of scalps, and if they were unsuccessful, would look for peaceful Indians on the way back to scalp. Adair said they would even scalp people of their own tribe if they could get away with it, so upon their returned they would be lauded by members of the tribe as being victorious in battle.

Steve O

Well-known member
The American Indian were called "Savages" for good reasons. The horrid things they did to other tribes were unimaginable to the white man. To the Indians it was part of warfare and daily life.


Well-known member
Came across this article regarding the artist who created the image of the Indian woman on the Land O' Lakes butter container...………..the same one erased by the company forever...

He was Objiway--and so was the maiden he created for Land O' Lakes:

" The image was remade in the 1950s by Native American artist Patrick DesJarlait. He certainly did not consider it offensive to his Ojibwe tribe.

DesJarlait's son, Patrick, expressed "mixed feelings" about the change, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I’m sad to see it go, but I can understand why it’s gone," he said. "We live in a politically correct time, so maybe it was time to get rid of it. …….. “But in our family, my dad’s work is a source of pride for us. He broke barriers as an Ojibwe artist from Red Lake. Back then, you didn’t find native people in those kinds of jobs, and this gave him the opportunity to put his spin on a well-known native image. "

I don't know if Patrick gets it or not, but Land O' Lakes just erased part of his dad's existence. :shrug:

Pretty doggone sad if you ask me.

The American Indian were called "Savages" for good reasons. The horrid things they did to other tribes were unimaginable to the white man. To the Indians it was part of warfare and daily life.


Well-known member
Sad indeed Greg ,,, I can't understand him not understanding that. And I can't understand why him and his family won't even try to make the company keep the picture .
I just really dont understand any of this. Its just completely stupid and pathetic , the way these companies are pandering to these spoiled little brats.
I just wish we could send these idiots to a country like Venezuela,, that is neck deep into the utopia these idiots think they want. It's not working there ,, who the hell do they think is smart enough here , to make it work any better here ??
I just don't get it.


Well-known member
The PC crowd in America continues to ruin our History and Institutions. Future Generations are being cheated and it is sad.
What's just as ironic is,, this generation of kids is pushing as hard as they can to cheat themselves out of a peaceful, prosperous, comfortable life as they start to age ,,, and they don't even realize it,,, that is what's sad. Every generation should be allowed to add to,, or modify some things to benefit their lives ,,,, but these kids are backing up 200 years ,, and going to ruin what we had hoped for in our last years. Throughout my travels through different towns ,, a lot of the smaller towns , on the backroads of America I've been through,, I love seeing these statues,, and just knowing that it is there as a commemoration of our growth as a country,,, good along with the bad ,, but it is our growth.
I had to drive about an hour away this morning to a larger town to pick up some materials I need for a job I'm doing that I can't get where I'm working at. About 10 miles away from this town,, on a backroad ,, I saw a pickup truck on the side of the road with some flashing lights in the grill ,, as I get closer ,, it's a city truck ,, and the guy is out cleaning the paint off of a Historical Plaque that was representing an old homesite nearby from the 1700 hundreds. I made 2 decisions right then,, 1) if the guy was still cleaning on my way back , I would stop and help him ,, 2) that I am going to put a ballbat in my truck ,, and if I come across some of these twits doing this somewhere , and their car is near them ,, I'm going to stop and bust out every window in that car. If they feel it's ok for them to destroy something that isn't theirs ,, then I have the same rights. I've got a few aches and pains here and there ,, but for an old man ,, I can still hold my own,,,