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Negative. Then Positive, then Negative again.


Well-known member
In other words--Coronavirus testing:

He was going to have surgery. "He had tested negative for the virus just 10 days prior. "

Closer to the surgery date " Shaun Smith said he was tested positive for the Coronavirus at 8 am on Saturday at Piedmont Hospital. He said he decided to get a second test done just to make sure.

The results of his second test on Saturday came back negative. "

The two tests occurred four hours apart. :shrug:

He's got some health issues that are confusing him, however:

" Every three to four weeks I get really sick, start vomiting and I end up in the hospital. So now I have to wait three weeks to find out when I can get surgery again," Smith said.


Smith said he's feeling some coronavirus symptoms now, so he believes the CVS test could be a false negative. Either way, he said this sheds light on how test results might be inaccurate.

"It's crazy to me that we have all of these tests that could be giving out false negatives or positives. And people don't even know and they're just running with it," Smith said. "



midatroll will still concoct a theory that its Trumps fault. HH jim tn
IT IS TRUMPS FAULT. His COMPLETE lack of attention in the early stages of the virus put the US behind both in testing for the Virus and antibody testing. MANY, MANY of the test kits we bought from china had to be scrapped, antibody tests were even worse. . { see this last Sunday's 60 minutes report]

Case in point. A friend gets the virus on Memorial weekend, confirmed. His wife gets it 5 days later. Same fever, dry hack, however she had two tests that did not confirm anything. tests are NEVER 100% accurate. however the JUNK Chinese tests the Trump got burned on were less than 50% accurate. SUCKERS!
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Well-known member
So sorry to hear you believe anything on 60 minutes. They are sensationalist voyeurism at its worst and have been for decades. CDC tests and authorizes sources for test sets and does ongoing sampled verification. President Trump has nothing to do with that process other than to encourage them to do it faster and better. Constitutionally, states control their own testing programs using CDC approved testing protocols; they have the option of going around those like Maryland Governor Hogan did. He ended up getting partial test kits from South Korea for 5 to 6 times the cost the federal government was negotiating with South Korea for complete test kits. I agree that test are not 100% accurate.


Well-known member
Trump had nothing to do with buying any test kits ,, that was on someone else somewhere in the health department. At the time those kits were bought ,, Trump was coming up with more ideas to keep you spouting off fake news with the rest of your low info news stations.
You need to spend more time trying to figure out how to help Biden get thru the introduction phase of the 1st debate there Mistake.
Sucker !!!
Oh yeah ,, have a good day.


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Hospitals and care facilities receive a large payout from the federal coffers if they treat a Covid patient. Makes one wonder, if a patient shows up for a procedure and mysteriously tests positive, then the hospital would rake in the dough, not only for the surgery, but treating the virus as well?


President Trump has nothing to do with that process other than to encourage them to do it faster and better
Trump had nothing to do with buying any test kits ,
OH, silly me! you are correct, the president, the LEADER, the one steering the country, washed his hands of this issue for the peasants who live in its borders.

T-rump says he's not responsible for testing problems: 3 things to know