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Production changed to....... ( What are we not being told?)

Missouri--Ma Betty

Well-known member
You are certifiably, NUTS.
LOL! Midalake, You are laughable in a SAD Way! But if I am a certified nut case for Jesus, my reward & a beautiful mansion will be AWESOME while you suffer sin's consequences &, as a Child of God, I love you enough to try & keep you from being cast into the Lake of Fire on God's final Judgment Day & that is why His promises are written in the Bible (His Holy Book of truth) by the inspiration of His Holy Spirit to His prophets of old--No other Book is for saving your soul & all sinners lost souls!

My prayer is that you will find & accept Jesus--He already knows where you are! I type & post what God gives me But no one has to read His Gospel truth! I know that FindMall is a Metal Detecting Forum with separate individual forums but I can't detect any longer because of age & illness & need to post comments, too! If Guv tells me to stop I will abide by it! I am not a criminal & lawbreaker of God's & the American Constitution LAWS! God Bless & remember no one loves you like Jesus does! Amen! Ma Betty


so if they are reporting numbers of around 80,000 people
I talked to a laboratory nurse yesterday. For what it's worth she surprised me
UT Trump didn't & God didn't cause this for large death
Trump this, orange man bad
Well I guess it took 6 days. MAYBE it is getting better. NAW! NOW 90,000 DEAD AMERICANS! Were #1 WERE #1 SO MUCH WINNING!

Missouri--Ma Betty

Well-known member
Well I guess it took 6 days. MAYBE it is getting better. NAW! NOW 90,000 DEAD AMERICANS! Were #1 WERE #1 SO MUCH WINNING!
So blaming president Trump instead of those who helped China start & spread this disease across the world? So many weak minded human beings without common Sense -- Seek Jehovah God & get some godly wisdom & advise from His Holy Spirit & Savior of this sinful world by praying in believing faith in Jesus Christ or Lord, Who is God with us! Amen! God created all there is seen & unseen & only He can save it & us, WE THE Praying PEOPLE serving in His Good Morals & not satan's servants doing his evils by immoralities & ungodly faith! Ma Betty


Well-known member
Boneheaded people blame Trump for this virus ,,,, and don't even realize how bad it would have been if a dimotwit was at the helm ,,,,, remember how Trump was called racists , xenophobic , and other things by the dimotwits for stopping travel from infected countries in January ,, . Yep ,, remember Pelousy begging people to come out to shop and eat in middle February ,,, Yep ,,, thank god TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT,,,,,,, :ROFLMAO:
Can you imagine what we would be going thru right now if Biden was president ,, with his and his kid Hunter being in the Chinese pockets ,,, think about that one for a while ,,


Can you imagine what we would be going thru right now if Biden was president

1. The virus would of not been a hoax to begin with!
2. Biden would of not been played by China into sending them 18 tons of PPE
3. Biden would of LISTENED to the experts and would of had America better prepared.
4. Biden would of not touted FALSE CURES. FROM Bleach, to medication, to "light"
5. Biden by this same time 5-17-2020 Would of not stated AT LEAST 5 times "the virus will just magically disappear"
6. Biden would of not FIRED experts, BUT HIRED MORE!
7. Biden would of not BURRIED the CDC report on how to re-open the country, and FORCE the CDC to re-write it.
8. Biden would of not been golfing and having MAGA-maggot rally's FOR TWO MONTHS, while the virus spread before the governors took more action than the Whitehouse.
9. Biden would of not called for SOCIAL DISCOURSE in the middle of a pandemic. CASUING HATE AND CHAOS .


Steve O

Well-known member
Biden wouldn't have done a darn thing. He would be just a head on a stick. The cabal would have their hands up his back forcing him to say their bidding. He would also be bragging all the time about his run ins with Corn-pop and how tough he was. I believe he is also a sexual deviant and I think he did manhandle Tara Reade from what she said about his little question to her "Come on man, I thought you liked me". That's the way he talks all the time, "come on man". He's not good for anything but a pasture. Trump is going to get rid of all the criminal activity going on in govt. Not by himself though. He has help from powerful good patriots. Let him clean up.


Well-known member
SteveO, it's about to get FUN. :biggrin:

Biden is busy trying to decide on his VP running mate, or at least, he thinks he is.

He may already have seen the writing on the wall, but I doubt he could read it if he did...………..because Biden isn't going to be nominated. :nono:

No-no-no, Sleepy Joe. The DNC knows Biden isn't the candidate to beat Trump, even on Biden's BEST day. So, they're going to replace him, and it will take place at the Convention.

The DNC INSISTS on having a live convention, instead of a virtual one. If Biden has the nomination sewed, how does that even make sense?

The Dems say we need mail-in voting to protect voters from the virus, but apparently they could care less about the health of their own constituents, because they are mandating they attend a live convention, instead of a virtual one.

That tells me the DNC has something else planned, because if it was going to be a straight up delegate vote for Joe, they could easily do that in a virtual one.

The "hint" was accidentally dropped recently:

Xochitl Hinojosa, communications director for the DNC was recently asked the question: "There’s a real possibility the [DNC] convention does not happen or it happens in a virtual sense. Is that correct as of today? "

Reply: " First of all, our convention has to happen, because we are not officially nominating Joe Biden in order to take Donald Trump," Xochitl Hinojosa said. "So our convention is happening. ""

" There is business that has to happen. " :drinking:



Staff member
There are a few posters willfully posting "feelings". Even though Vietnam taught me the dead can be politicized, I MEERLY OFFER FACTS. If YOU think the facts offer political fodder well then let the shoe fit. The FACTS will not be good for Donald J Trump.
The problem with you and your ilk make me worry that if I die before the election there's a great chance I'll vote democrat through our great mailing system.
Richard, most of us are mostly in agreement much of the time. But we get trolled upon from time to time, too. Stick around. Sparks will become fires the closer we get to the Nov election. HH jim tn
Yea,there's about FIVE or SIX of you Deep South Nostradamus's..It's more like a "Mutual Admiration Society"....