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Remember ways back that instead of buckshot Salt , Pepper and I think Rice was used


Well-known member
For Non deadly situations , like Cur dogs, Crop raiders, Trespassers. Havent heard antthing about this warning load for maybe decades.


Staff member
Rock salt is what they used ,, dont know for sure ,, never got shot with any ,,, but I'd imagine it would burn for a while.. that is an idea tho.
I wish you had not said that Hawg... I , unfortunately , do remember what it felt like...And it was not a one off... lasted for days.

I never did steal corn again!!! :LOL: But to be fair, we were pretty poor when I was a lad.. I was bringing it home for dinner.

Problem there was that had I made it home with the corn, I would have got whupped by my folks.. they did not cotton to

theft of any form.. A lesson that stuck, literally, :):)

I am trying to remember.. I would have been around 6; maybe 7 at the time

Calm seas



Well-known member
🤣,,, luckily ,, I never got 1st hand knowledge of its effects. I did learn the effects of stealing tho. I can remember 2 instances where my parents punished me,, you know those quick punishments,, were you are wrong in what you did ,, and your parents dished out the punishment quickly,, before finding out why you did what you did. Not saying it was right tho. 1 time , I got caught stealing a Christmas tree,,, I gave it to a friend of mine ,,,, because a friend of mine and his sister was being raised by his single mom ,, and they were getting nothing for Christmas ,, they couldn't even afford a tree. Another time, my mom had bought me a new pair of pants. Back then ,, we got our butts whooped if we didn't take care of our stuff ,, clothes included ,, I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade at this time ,, my mom found my new britches under the mattress of my bed. She pulled them out ,, seen I had ripped a hole in them ,, which was the reason I hid them ,, she saw that hole ,, she got pissed ,,, paw got pissed ,, then i got a whooping ,,, then they asked how i tore them and why did i hide them ,,, when I told them ,, i think they felt bad for the whooping ,, but I'm sure i deserved it for something else. Anyway ,, i had a friend that lived up the road from us ,, he was kind of a fat kid ,,, well, we would walk home from school together ,, and this one kid started picking on my friend for being kind of fat ,,, well,, I stood up for him and got in a fight with the kid. Well I ripped a hole in one of the knees in my new britches. Mom didn't like that ,, especially when she found out I was hiding it from her. Well,, then came the whoopin' ,, I didn't tell them why ,, I figured I'd get a whooping for fighting ,, after the whooping , then they asked why ,, untold them the guy was picking on my friend ,, I can remember now ,, seeing the look on my parents face ,, when I told them why ,, they felt bad about giving me the whooping ,, but I guess I wouldn't have gotten it if I told them why. I guess stealing is never right ,,, but sometimes,, theres a reason for it ,, but ,, its still not right ,, and you just have to weigh out the consequences.